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Direct Investments | 10th October, 2016
Midlands manufacturer opens doors to world’s first hot aluminium-forming production line
Direct Investments | 7th October, 2016
Mercia Technologies PLC wins Highest Impact Investor at the OBN Awards 2016
Direct Investments | 27th September, 2016
New investment into innovative healthcare company, Medherant
Business Loans | 19th September, 2016
Clean tech developer gets green light to create jobs and expand pollution-cutting initiative
SME Loans | 16th August, 2016
West Yorkshire-based cosmetics company lays foundation for growth
Mercia EIS Funds | 10th August, 2016
Mercia appoints new Head of Funds & Investor Relations; launches new EIS/SEIS fund
SME Loans | 9th August, 2016
Innovative polymer technology company sets sights abroad with funding
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2016
Mercia appoints tech veterans to new advisory board
Business Loans | 2nd August, 2016
More doors are opened for award-winning digital agency
Direct Investments | 2nd August, 2016
Zika protein developed by Mercia ‘Emerging Star’ used to generate unique tools for virus detection
Mercia EIS Funds | 28th July, 2016
Investment from Mercia facilitates launch of start-up in cloud-based performance testing
Direct Investments | 28th July, 2016
Mercia appoints games industry veterans to new advisory board
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 27th July, 2016
NED Network Focus…Jeremy Tipper (WorkBuzz)
Mercia EIS Funds | 21st July, 2016
The wait is over: nDreams launches its first major title
Mercia EIS Funds | 19th July, 2016
Investment into molecular diagnostics company makes perfect Sense
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st July, 2016
Mercia-backed Particle Analytics wins double in awards celebrating entrepreneurship in Scotland
Direct Investments | 1st July, 2016
Second direct investment into ‘Emerging Star’ from Enterprise Ventures portfolio
Business Loans | 30th June, 2016
Rosebud marks 30th anniversary with 220 jobs boost
Coalfields Funds | 29th June, 2016
Enterprise Ventures backs buy-in at North’s leading blinds company
Direct Investments | 21st June, 2016
Focus, build, deliver: the healthy approach to life sciences
News | 21st June, 2016
“Why am I diabetic?”: The question that launched a career in business building
EV Growth Fund | 20th June, 2016
Investment sets stage for further growth at Blue-i
Corporate | 20th June, 2016
Mercia secures four new university partnerships in the North and Scotland
Mercia EIS Funds | 16th June, 2016
“Plastic antibody” developer secures customers after only one year of operation; Receives follow-on investment
Mercia EIS Funds | 8th June, 2016
Mercia backs Coventry University and Crossword Cybersecurity venture
| 20th May, 2016
Mercia’s nDreams signs Google VR app deal
SME Loans | 18th May, 2016
Energy software firm secures £300k as it hits export trail
Direct Investments | 12th May, 2016
nDreams to co-fund and publish first VR game by Paw Print Games
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th May, 2016
Digital logistics platform for gaming receives seed funding from Mercia
SME Loans | 9th May, 2016
Company on track for growth after buy-out
Corporate | 9th May, 2016
First direct investment into new ’emerging star’ from the Enterprise Ventures Group portfolio
Mercia EIS Funds | 6th May, 2016
Mercia makes follow-on investment in Medherant’s novel transdermal technology
The North West Fund for Venture Capital | 28th April, 2016
Learning zone firm set to double its turnover
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th April, 2016
Mercia partners with AHSN on new West Midlands SME Innovation Fund
SME Loans | 22nd April, 2016
SMEs are key to Manchester’s future, says Sir Howard
News | 15th April, 2016
Lancashire software specialist acquires Surrey business
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th April, 2016
Pertinax receives first investment from Mercia Fund Management
SME Loans | 6th April, 2016
Energy management firm raises £412k as it hits export trail
The North West Fund for Venture Capital | 5th April, 2016
Start-up secures £350k to roll out Wi-Fi security system
Mercia EIS Funds | 5th April, 2016
Mercia Fund Management announces first investment in Afternoonify
Business Loans | 31st March, 2016
New Lancashire factory lights way to a greener future
Direct Investments | 31st March, 2016
Smart Antenna Technologies launches SmarTenna®, patented antenna technology for future wireless connectivity
Coalfields Funds | 29th March, 2016
Online tyre-fitting firm wins Northern Tech Award
Industry | 18th March, 2016
Enterprise Ventures’ portfolio company, Blue Prism, floats on LSE’s AIM
EV Growth Fund | 18th March, 2016
Mercia acquires Enterprise Ventures Group Limited
Mercia EIS Funds | 17th March, 2016
Oxford Genetics becomes latest emerging star to receive direct investment from Mercia Technologies
Direct Investments | 26th February, 2016
2016 – A year of growth as Mercia’s team strengthens
| 23rd February, 2016
Drugs, development and discovery: Why the competition isn’t a patch on Medherant.
Mercia EIS Funds | 18th February, 2016
Mercia Fund Management makes First Scottish investment into world-renowned solid particle technology from University of Edinburgh
Direct Investments | 17th February, 2016
Fractured Space breaks half a million users for Edge Case Games
Industry | 11th February, 2016
UK start-up develops world’s only pure Zika extract in fight against pandemic
Direct Investments | 4th February, 2016
AP&T first in the world to produce a production line for hot formed aluminium
| 3rd February, 2016
WATCH: A year in review – Why 2015 was a year of growth for Mercia
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st February, 2016
Abzena signs significant licence deal for ThioBridge™ ADC linker technology with US biotech partner
Mercia EIS Funds | 29th January, 2016
MFM increases university support; invests in online academic and commercial collaboration platform, IN-PART
Direct Investments | 27th January, 2016
Canary Care lends support to NHS Innovation Test Bed initiative
| 21st January, 2016
From 14 to 140: the evolution of Mercia Fund Management’s AGM
Direct Investments | 20th January, 2016
Science Warehouse announces strong half year results as it appoints new CTO
Direct Investments | 18th December, 2015
VirtTrade powers revolutionary new Premiership Rugby digital trading card collection
Mercia EIS Funds | 17th December, 2015
Dental diagnostic developer Manchester Imaging joins MFM portfolio
Mercia EIS Funds | 15th December, 2015
Mercia Technologies PLC commits up to £4.5m in two high growth digital businesses
Industry | 15th December, 2015
Mercia expands into the North with new university partnerships
Direct Investments | 14th December, 2015
Mercia Technologies commits up to £4.5m in two high growth digital businesses
Mercia EIS Funds | 20th November, 2015
Mercia lends support to new Leeds-based Dotforge Health Accelerator
Mercia EIS Funds | 11th November, 2015
Mercia Fund Management commits development capital to drug safety spinout InoCardia
Corporate | 5th November, 2015
£1.5m investment into Edge Case Games alongside £1.0m from China’s Seasun Games
Direct Investments | 4th November, 2015
The Mercia Group Quarterly: Informed, Patient Capital
Corporate | 27th October, 2015
Mercia expands regional footprint with new office and university partnerships in Scotland
Mercia EIS Funds | 26th October, 2015
When it comes to Data, small companies need to think BIG!
| 26th October, 2015
Eastern promises – Why China is the Promised Land for UK start-ups and SMEs
Events | 26th October, 2015
Mercia Technologies announced as Growth Investor Awards winner
Direct Investments | 22nd October, 2015
£1.2m of £1.5m investment in Smart Antenna Technologies
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th October, 2015
Activity at Intelligent Health steps up following first Mercia investment
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th October, 2015
Activity at Intelligent Health steps up following first Mercia Fund Management investment
Industry | 12th October, 2015
Soccer Manager 2016 – Evolution from game to platform
| 18th September, 2015
Abzena’s acquisition of PacificGMP extends service and technology offering
Mercia EIS Funds | 17th September, 2015
Prinicipal Founder of Celentyx publishes global high impact research paper
| 16th September, 2015
University of Leicester spinout technology hailed as ‘most commercially viable’
Direct Investments | 15th September, 2015
Build your dreams in VR
Mercia EIS Funds | 28th August, 2015
Ad-tech start-up wayve secures £300,000 seed funding from Mercia Fund Management
Direct Investments | 28th August, 2015
Former Virgin Galactic President announced as Chairman of Crowd Reactive
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th August, 2015
Friendly Score launches B2B SAAS app
| 27th August, 2015
Friendly Score launches B2B SAAS app
News | 23rd August, 2015
Life’s a pitch – ten key ingredients to make your digital start-up pitch perfect
| 23rd August, 2015
“Entrepreneurs should be storytellers.” Spotlight on Investment Manager Joshua Levy
Direct Investments | 20th August, 2015
Play stunning VR adventure game The Assembly at EGX
Mercia EIS Funds | 20th August, 2015
Mercia launches dedicated EIS/SEIS fund for commercialising university spinouts
Mercia EIS Funds | 7th August, 2015
Commercialising university IP (tax) efficiently
Mercia EIS Funds | 4th August, 2015
Leicester spinout MIP Diagnostics appoints CEO
News | 31st July, 2015
Investment support for technology-backed or knowledge-intensive businesses
Direct Investments | 31st July, 2015
How digital platforms will revolutionise the trading card industry
Direct Investments | 30th July, 2015
The Native Antigen Company launches new e-commerce platform for underserved antigen sector
Mercia EIS Funds | 28th July, 2015
NuVision becomes first University of Nottingham spinout to receive seed funding from Mercia
CEO blog | 22nd July, 2015
The Mercia Group Quarterly: Ambition
Events | 21st July, 2015
Finalists announced for inaugural Growth Investor Awards
Direct Investments | 20th July, 2015
Mercia Technologies backs Fractured Space developer with first investment
Direct Investments | 15th July, 2015
Mercia continues long-standing support of home care technology company, Canary Care
Direct Investments | 14th July, 2015
The effects of a Steam free weekend promotion on Fractured Space
Corporate | 14th July, 2015
Mercia Technologies reveals profit in maiden results