Hubspot’s Francois Plattard presents this insightful webinar all about powerful marketing strategies for 2022.

The webinar covers many marketing strategy topics, including the old and new playbooks, buyer personas, buyer journeys and how to get started with your marketing strategy through the power of social.

You can view the presentation slides here.

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Richard Hall, Managing Director of Pd-m, will provide powerful insight to the top 10 things you need to know when taking your product or service to market.
Innovation by definition is a unique journey with highs and lows. Richard will provide practical tips, knowledge and guidance about how to mitigate the failures when innovating.

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With 56%* of the UK now fully vaccinated against coronavirus, what does this now mean for employers and their staff who are returning to the office.

Katy Parkinson (Senior Associate Solicitor, CG Professional) examines the problems that may emerge within the workplace regarding the vaccination.

This in-depth webinar focussed on many aspects including:

– Can an employer require employees to be vaccinated?
– Can an employer refuse unvaccinated employees entering the workplace?
– Can an employer ask whether a candidate has been vaccinated as part of its recruitment policy?
– Can an employer withold sick pay from an unvaccinated employer who contracts COVID-19?

*stat correct as of 28/07/2021

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Tom Prince (Senior Associate, CG Professional) outlines how to protect one of your most valuable assets – your technology.

Tom is a pragmatic and accomplished Commercial Contracts lawyer with experience in various aspects of contract work underpinning business-to-business and business-to-consumer arrangements and IT contracts.

The session covered many topics including:

– How are rights in technology created and protected?
– Exploiting rights in technology
– How can rights in technology be transferred?

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Dan Thornton (Partner & Patent Attorney at Mewburn Ellis) hosted this very practical webinar covering headline issues around patents in the software space along with some broadly applicable commercial considerations, such as how to integrate your patents into your exit strategy, timelines and budget planning.

The session covered many topics including:

– What types of software can be patented?
– How do I get a patent for my software?
– How else might I use IP to protect my software?
– How can I integrate patents into my exit strategy, timelines and budget planning?

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When Britain exited the EU, there were many questions around the subject of immigration and employment.

What is the points-based system? How many points do you need to qualify, and how do you get these points? What’s changed for employers employing migrants in the UK?

Join Heather Aust (Partner, CG Professional) as she shares her thoughts on these burning questions, as well as casting a light on what action is needed now by employers.

Heather also discussed:

– The EU Settlement Scheme
– The new points-based immigration system for 2021
– What action is needed now?
– Right-to-work checks and ensuring compliance

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Rob Gray (Co-Founder & Strategy Partner, Squad) returns again to host ‘How you can create a valuable brand by taking a position’.

Positions give brands unstoppable momentum. They set direction, fuel action and power growth. At this webinar Rob will explore the importance of position for a brand and the culture, customer experience and communications it portrays.

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Edward Knighton (Former CFO of YO! Sushi) joined us once again to speak about the role of the CFO in Equity-backed businesses.

Drawing on years of experience, Edward outlined some of the key features of a CFO such as:

– Choosing the right CFO role for you
– Building relationships with the CEO, Finance team and the Board
– Key risks
– Identifying value
– Managing an exit process


International logistics specialist, Anton Gunter (MD of Global Freight Services Ltd.) returns to host a follow-up of his well-received Brexit webinar, ‘The UK Transition and the Impact on Logistics, Supply Chain and Customs’.

Anton will discuss:

1. Update on what we now know
2. Update on the process as it is currently working
3. Update on the process on how it will work after 1st July
4. Rules of Origin and how they effect the rate of duty and or taxes
5. T1 documents and their use in order to get freight moving
6. Methods for payment of duty and/or taxes

Mercia was delighted to invite the legendary broadcaster and business commentator, Justin Urquhart Stewart to discuss ‘The value of UK regional investment’ in this intriguing video.

Hosted by Dr. Paul Mattick, the pair discussed the potential of the UK regions to drive both investor returns and economic growth as well as Justin telling us all about his famous red braces.

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