Growth-focused Responsive Knowledgeable Trusted
We seek to optimise performance and growth at an individual, team, group and investee level We think deeply, meeting commitments and aiming to exceed expectations We are recognised as exerts in our field, sharing knowledge for the benefit of others We are trusted partners and known for being honest, professional, reliable and fair in everything we do
  • Is ambitious for Mercia and demonstrates a deep desire to the best in class
  • Understands the potential for innovation and positively contributes across the company
  • Enhances the delivery of existing services by focusing on continuous improvement
  • Is focused on wealth creation for all stakeholders
  • Manages internal and external stakeholders to ensure Mercia’s commercial interests are protected
  • Delivers tasks with high quality on time
  • Willing to speak their mind openly but with respect to others
  • Willing to take calculated risks within the group’s overall risk framework, learns from failure and setbacks
  • Shows expertise in a service area, function, technology
  • Provides support to others willingly and shares knowledge proactively
  • Recognised as the ‘go-to’ person for a given subject area
  • Is always self-learning
  • Is seen as a trusted advisor internally and externally
  • Is collaborative and builds strong peer-level relationships
  • Is an effective team player and puts team interest before own
  • Always behaving with integrity and honest in all dealings (internal and external)