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Why you should consider Mercia

Mercia is one of the UK’s most active and respected early-stage technology investors. We have over 420 portfolio companies, primarily located outside of London and the Southeast, and are investing over £100m each year.

We are pleased to be on the St James’s Place EIS panel, as it provides your clients with the opportunity to benefit from our rapidly growing portfolio companies and the generous EIS tax reliefs.

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We are a regional investor

Mercia aims to invest in only the best EIS-qualifying investment opportunities, but we will not pay too much this privilege. Due to the surplus supply of capital in and around London, chasing only 25% of the high-growth companies, we find significantly better entry prices in companies from the regions. Whilst many of our peers focus their time in London or the South East, Mercia EIS has built its network of 11 offices across the UK’s regions, where investments can potentially build greater value for your clients.

Uniquely, Mercia are the only EIS fund on St. James’s Place panel who have a strong regional presence and investment focus

Source: The ScaleUp Institute & Beauhurst (2020), Tech Nation (2020)

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The EIS Investor Centre

Information at your fingertips

Our Investor Centre is a mobile-friendly platform that enables investors, and their advisers, to access Mercia’s various services, with fully personalised reporting, including valuations, investment committee reports, tax certificates and loss relief letters. The Investor Centre features:

• Summary information, including subscription, our fees, amount invested in qualifying companies, valuations and distributed capital

• Investment performance, with or without tax advantages

• Digital copies of EIS tax certificates and loss relief letters

• Portfolio company investment papers, and quarterly valuation reports

• Our five-minute application form for existing investors, with no need to print and sign documents

• Bi-annual fund valuation reports and consolidated portfolio reports

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