Mercia EIS Funds

EIS Funds lowdown for GBI Magazine

Dr Paul Mattick - Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Dr Paul Mattick, Head of Sales and Investor Relations at Mercia, took time to explain to GBI Magazine how Mercia’s EIS Funds provide a solution to building a well-validated early-stage businesses investment portfolio.

In the article, he explains what benefits investors get with EIS funds:

  • Mercia EIS Funds invest in companies with commercial protections, which may be first mover advantage, significant sector experience and of course intellectual property.
  • The EIS Funds enjoys strong deal flow; across the Group we received almost 3,000 applications in 2018.
  • Mercia EIS Funds aim to invest before any other institutional money is secured, with an opportunity for Mercia Technologies PLC to provide follow on capital.
  • Each investor receives a diverse portfolio of 12-15 investments covering early stage to pre-IPO opportunities across differing technology sectors, including life sciences and biosciences, software and internet, digital and digital entertainment, electronics, materials and manufacturing/engineering.

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