Mercia networks

Mercia is committed to building a vibrant, engaging non-executive network that has an enviable depth and breadth of skills and experience.

Our driving passion is to make a real difference beyond the provision of capital, through hands on support to our portfolio companies.

Across the group we are supporting nearly 200 venture backed businesses, growing every month. The collective talent on the boards of these companies is palpable. Notwithstanding some great in-house expertise, we aim to nurture this potential with the experience and supportive, complimentary capabilities evident within our strong non-executive network.

The combination of an experienced NED, alongside the skillsets of the strong management teams we back, ultimately enhance shareholder value for all.

We are continuously expanding our network of individuals across a range of sectors and geographies. We always welcome a conversation with individuals who have demonstrable experience of starting, scaling and of course most importantly exiting a business.