b'wwStrategic report Governance Financial statements01 02 03Mercia colleaguesShareholders andMercia investee fund investors companiesWeekly all company Zoom meetings nowThe timely and accurate dissemination ofActively supporting and managing the take place as a result of COVID-19, but priorregulatory and non-regulatory informationgrowth of our investees is critical to us asto this, regular communication across thethrough the Regulatory News Servicean asset manager, demonstrated by the Group was conducted (and continues) in ourensures that Mercia complies withinclusion of key Mercia team members on bi-yearly State-of-the-Business update days,transparency legislation and keepsthe boards of these businesses. This is attended by the entire team at Mercia. shareholders updated. further underpinned by the numerous These events are supplemented by theRegular meetings with institutionalevents that we host to empower these monthly Mercia Knowledge days that takeinvestors; both shareholders and non- businesses management teams and to place at different regional offices and includeshareholders. During the last financial yearshare business knowledge. We host portfolio training or expert presentations to supportour Executive team attended over 60days with agendas that include subject continued learning and knowledge share inmeetings and presentations outside ofexperts as guest speakers, as well as smaller the business. Mercias bi-annual reporting period. tailored workshops, such as our University Yearly away days provide more informal daysThe Executives have regularly presented Day, to not only actively share best practice, for the team to engage with one another, at and participated in Q&As hosted bybut also to engender improved as well as with the Executives and seniorthird-party media outlets for our retailcommunication across our university leadership team, to discuss the past year andshareholders. These events took place in themember network.the next 12 months ahead. key cities in the regions in which we invest toOur webinars, with subjects ranging from Bi-monthly newsletters provide moreensure the team met and networked with asdigital prospecting to managing cash flow in personal news and views, further enhancedmany shareholders as possible. In the lasttimes of crisis, are well attended. Since by Mercias Slack channels that are divisionfinancial year, five events were attended. lockdown began we have designed and or practice-led to ensure that critical andThe investment teams for both Mercia EIShosted 23 webinars that were attended by relevant information is shared across theand the Northern VCTs attended andover 1,100 CEOs, chairs and decision makers entire Group in a timely manner and easilypresented at a number of shareholder andfrom both our managed funds and direct understood format. intermediary events, including roadshowsinvestment portfolios.and round tables taking place across theWe have sourced and placed 33 non-regions. Importantly, they attended industryexecutive directors and chairs on behalf of conferences and workshops to remain up toour portfolio and equally, developed a date on industry news and regulations, anddedicated Slack channel and organised a NEDs placed equally, they presented a range of webinarschair summit event that ensures that our33 to keep shareholders, fund investors andfull network of non-executives have the advisers abreast of Mercias fundsopportunity to better understand our performance and portfolio developments. investees needs and Mercias key business Capital Market Days and Shares seminarsdecisions and plans. provide visibility and depth to ourRegular newsletters go out to all CEOs, chairs stakeholder engagement, as these eventsand owners in both our managed funds and broaden shareholder exposure to a range ofdirect investment portfolios to keep them our portfolio businesses as well as theinformed of all Mercia developments, investment team that manages both thebusiness decisions and progress.funds and the portfolios. Six-monthly Net Promoter Score surveys are Quarterly update presentations are given toconducted to ensure Mercias continued our leading fund limited partners. improvement pathways are better Mercias Executive Directors attend theunderstood and communicated to the board meetings of the three Northern VCTsportfolio.by invitation, to provide regular updates on all matters pertinent to the Northern VCTs.Mercia Asset Management PLC 39Annual Report and Accounts 2020'