Edition 3: On the right side of change

We have seen accelerated change during the COVID-19 pandemic. History teaches us that during periods of global turmoil – be it world wars, recessions or in this case a pandemic, an environment is created that fosters rapid innovation and disruption – especially for the brave and fleet of foot. We have seen our thriving regional businesses embrace such opportunities, driving not just change, but also optimism for the future.

The health of the UK economy depends in part on one of the UK’s most important catalysts for growth, namely small businesses and, between April and June 2021, new business creations were 28 per cent higher than in the same quarter last year. Over the same period, Mercia invested in 46 new and existing businesses.

Our third edition of The Insight shares some of the highlights of the new financial year so far, the growing traction in the Health Tech sector and the enabling technologies that not only support industries, but also bring with them complementary innovation.

Welcome to this edition of The Insight.

A point of view

Dr Mark Payton

First choice for investors, investees and employees – staying on the right side of change

We will prosper or falter off the back of how we deliver for our four key stakeholder groups: our shareholders, fund investors, our existing and prospective investee companies and our employees. This is why we have a robust vision statement – ‘to be the first choice for investors, investees and employees’.

Pace, innovation and disruption

Our guest contributor in this edition is Dr John Ashcroft, a consultant, non-executive director and broadcaster who specialises in economics, strategy and financial markets. He is the founder of The Saturday Economist and Dimensions of Strategy.

Health Tech is in a healthy place

Peter Dines, COO

The pandemic has had unintended consequences, acting like a wrecking ball that has helped reimagine Diagnostics and Healthcare delivery services, accelerate research and development and critically, regulatory approvals. Solutions had to be found swiftly during the past 19 extraordinary months and disruption has become the sector’s best friend. The need to do things differently has had a profound impact, further supported by emerging enabling technology that has allowed the Health Tech sector to recontextualise how to improve patient outcomes.



Marked for success

Not only has Medovate received numerous plaudits for its SAFIRA® technology, but it has also recently secured additional CE Mark regulatory approvals for its game-changing infusion driver, foot pedal, luer syringe, NRFit™ syringe and palm operator.

In this interview, Stuart Thomson, Medovate’s MD, talks about how the new technologies are intended to further improve patient safety and offer greater control to anaesthetists, Mercia’s involvement in its growth, and how key the NHS’s involvement is in creating the products that are bringing the Cambridge-based company success on many different levels.

Pathway to market

Pathway to market: £10.0million syndicated investment for Locate Bio

Mercia recently invested £1.6million as part of a £10.0million syndicated round into existing direct investment, Locate Bio, a Nottingham-based business developing a range of orthobiologics.

CEO, John von Benecke outlines how the new investment will help accelerate its life-changing products for patients, as well as Locate Bio’s extraordinary start to the year.

Spotlight on our EIS Funds

Dr Paul Mattick

It has been a very successful year for Mercia’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) portfolio, particularly in the Life Sciences and Software sectors.

Importantly, existing clients are pleased with the performance of Mercia’s EIS funds, and the industry is now recognising the considerable potential of Mercia, both in terms of its EIS funds and more broadly, the Group. Critical to this is Mercia’s ability to support small companies that are thriving in the regions.

EIS and ESG converge for success

Mercia has a history of making a difference in the regions and delivering a positive social impact to all our stakeholder groups. Being a values-led business, we see ESG as an integral part of our financial return motivation and it forms part of our commitment to operate responsibly. Meet two of our clean energy company CEOs, Dr Amrit Chandan and Chiraz Ennaceur.


Award-winning clean technology

Aceleron is motivated to empower global communities by increasing access to energy storage solutions at the same time as cutting out unnecessary waste with its sustainable lithium battery packs.


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Making a big impact with smart solutions

CorrosionRADAR designs and supplies the world’s longest range of Corrosion Under Insulation monitoring technology. The system uses sensors to provide real-time data allowing early repairs to be undertaken, reducing maintenance costs, and helping to minimise the risk of catastrophic failures.

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