The growth of virtual reality

Mercia TV sits down with nDreams CEO and Founder, Patrick O’Luanaigh, where he tells us all about the inception of the company, what it was like producing Ghostbusters VR, the current VR market and what the future has in store.

Locate Bio

Regenerating lives

Mercia TV catches up with Locate Bio‘s CEO, John von Benecke in its Nottingham laboratory.

Invincibles Studio

Global fantasy football games developer

We sit down with Co-founder and CEO, Chris Gore, and CFO, Max Lowe, about the growth of one of the world’s favourite fantasy football sim.


Developing innovative transdermal drug delivery patches for women’s health

Medherant’s CEO, John Burt and Dr Gabit Nurumbetov talk through its bespoke transdermal drug delivery patches and how it would be the only testosterone replacement patch available globally and could transform the lives of post-menopausal women suffering from loss of sex drive, if clinical trials later this year are successful.

Forensic Analytics

Revolutionising police investigations

Joe Hoy, Steve Rick and Dan Alexander tell us more about its lead product, CSAS, and how it’s revolutionising police investigations.

Mindtech Ltd

Developing bespoke AI and visual processing

Mindtech’s CEO, Steve Harris and, CTO, Chris Longstaff explain how its tech is revolutionising solutions around AI and visual processing.