It's not what you know, it's who you know

There’s a lot of truth in this statement. Whilst of course we know that a successful investment is always built around the team and a product, it often takes an introduction to an experienced non-executive, industry specialist or growth partner to help make a good investment, a great one.

It’s the power of our networks which makes Mercia an attractive investment partnerMark Payton, CEO of Mercia

Talent acquistion

The investment team spends time getting to know the management team, understanding the business and its growth objectives to help identify and enable the businesses’ resourcing needs – particularly at Board level, creating high performing Board and equally, ensuring management diligence.

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Mercia’s extensive investment ecosystem provides specialised sector knowledge and functional expertise through a range of professionals best placed to deliver tailored solutions to drive tangible value for businesses.

Growth partners

Mercia leverages its extensive network to connect management teams with dedicated resource delivered by a growth partner, particularly for key areas such as go-to-market strategies, international expansion (with a focus on the US) and successful exits.

Knowledge exchange

A range of training and peer-to-peer events and webinars where the portfolio founders and CEOs, industry leaders and professionals from across our ecosystem come together to exchange knowledge, share invaluable insights, best practice / shared learning.

A vibrant and deeply embedded network

Mercia is committed to building a vibrant, engaging non-executive network that has an enviable depth and breadth of skills and experience.  Our driving passion is to make a real difference beyond the provision of capital, through hands on support to our portfolio companies.

Across the group we are supporting more than 200 venture backed businesses, growing every month. The collective talent on the boards of these companies is palpable. Notwithstanding some great in-house expertise, we aim to nurture this potential with the experience and supportive, complimentary capabilities evident within our strong non-executive network.

The combination of an experienced non-executive, alongside the skill-sets of the strong management teams we back, ultimately enhance shareholder value for all.

We are continuously expanding our network of individuals across a range of sectors and geographies. We always welcome a conversation with individuals who have demonstrable experience of starting, scaling and of course most importantly, exiting, a business.

Collaborating for sustained growth

Mercia’s Nucleus provide the network effect to quickly and efficiently identify where and how we can add value to our portfolio businesses. We offer a dedicated team to support value creation across Mercia’s portfolio, aligned to founders’ needs.

If you would like to know more and think you have something to offer then please do email or call 0330 223 1430 as we would love to hear from you.


Lisa Ward, Head of Portfolio Talent
Victoria Robson, Portfolio Resourcing Manager

Partner programme

At Mercia, we are committed to helping our portfolio companies grow as best we can. Therefore, we are always on the look-out for partners that we think would benefit you and your business. If you are one of our portfolio companies, we are pleased to share with you a range of specially selected Mercia portfolio offers on a range of hardware and software products.

Chair Summit

In 2022, Mercia held its very popular Chair Summit at Jaguar Land Rover in Castle Bromwich.

On the day we heard from a panel of experienced and subject matter experts on tackling the talent shortage and investigating exits, before we take a behind the scenes tour at JLR’s manufacturing site and then jump into the driving seat!

Living our values

We are building a culture where your professional and personal growth is as important as Mercia’s growth. All are built on the foundation of our values that we live every day.

Growth focused

We seek to optimise performance at an individual, team group and investee level.


We think deeply, always meeting commitments and aiming to exceed expectations.


We strive to provide the best outcome for our investors, investees and employees through our internal engagement, systems and investment ecosystem.


Responsible for making a positive financial and non-financial difference.


We are trusted partners, known for being honest, professional, reliable and fair


Value-creation through brand positioning

Positioning sets direction, fuels action and powers growth. It gives brands unstoppable momentum. We’ve teamed up with Rob Gray to bring you our free guide to brand positioning, with actionable steps you can take as well as examples of best practice.

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