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Capital is just the first step

Investment only gets you so far

Growing and investing in a business is about asking the right questions; what risks are you prepared to take, what are your expectations in terms of control, support and growth? And what does success look like?

“We aim to be the first-choice provider of capital across our specialist private capital classes for businesses that typically seek less than £10million.”

Mercia is a proactive specialist asset manager with a focus on regional businesses seeking venture, private equity or debt finance to scale their businesses.

We are exclusively a UK domestic investor, with focus on the UK regions.

Investment that goes beyond just finance

Our story

Hear from Mercia’s CEO, Dr Mark Payton, who provides an update on the Mercia journey explaining how the group invests managed funds alongside its own cash and outlines the acquisition of the Northern VCT contracts.

Our history

Mercia can trace its roots back to the 1980s and over recent years has enjoyed a period of impressive growth. We are proud of our journey so far and excited about the future ahead.

Realising value

Warwick Acoustics

  • The team

    David Roberts – Chair
    Mike Grant – CEO


  • The team

    Lonnie Mayne – Chair

    David Carruthers – CEO

    David Gales – NED


The Native Antigen Company

  • The team

    Steven Powell – Executive Chair
    Nick Roesen – COO


  • The team

    Paul Wells – Chief Executive Officer
    Tony Stansfield – Chief Technical Officer

Business model

Mercia’s investments across its four asset classes are powering ambitious regional SMEs with the capital that they need to grow. Our business model is designed specifically to support the funding needs of companies through their journey from origin to exit.

Mercia by numbers

Portfolio co-investment
Transactions in the last five years
Returned to fund investors
Portfolio companies

A differentiated focus

We were founded on deploying capital to the regions. London and the South East has a significant oversupply of capital creating high pre-money valuations. The UK regions offer exciting deals with businesses that are priced sensibly and have relatively modest capital needs that we can, if we chose to, support solely from our own means.

Ian Wilson, Fund Principal - Mercia
Peter Dines, COO - Mercia
John Simpson, FD - Mercia
Matt Molyneux, Investment Manager - Mercia

The best teams

Get this right and a business will grow. People are the centre of everything that we do, whether it’s strengthening the industry-leading management teams that we invest in, or developing and collaborating with our colleagues, we strive to live our values and bring our best game to work every day.

Ashwin Kumaraswamy, Investment Director - Mercia
Ceri Bailey, Group Financial Controller - Mercia
Sarah Hex, Business Development Manager - Mercia

Deep experience

Our specialist approach delivers deep domain knowledge, not just about our sectors, but equally, the regions in which we do business. This specialism matters to our portfolio because this knowledge-driven approach drives our investment success.

Paul Taberner, MD of Debt - Mercia
Wayne Thomas, MD of Private Equity - Mercia
Will Clark, MD of Venture - Mercia

Mercia platform

Mercia’s Platform provides access to high-quality business leaders, advisory teams and operational specialists to offer transformative support to help our portfolios’ leadership teams architect their success.

Angela Warner, MD of Mercia Investments - Mercia
Lisa Ward

Capital runway

Mercia has c.£800million of assets under management with just under half being unrestricted free cash to invest over the next two to five years.

We also have powerful relationships and a deeply embedded ecosystem to provide access to a wealth of opportunities to leverage co-investment and the syndication that takes businesses to the finishing post.

Investment strategy

Scale, profitability and investment returns

Our approach to investing has evolved over many years and is predicated on the cyclical nature of private capital deployment in the regions, where optimised returns are driven through deep industry experience and buying well through the cycle.

How we do it

Source well

Optimised returns are driven through deep industry experience and powerful partnerships that drives deal origination that allows Mercia to see 60% of deals in the regions.

Buy well

We are focused on investing in the highest quadrant of businesses that have appropriate pre-money valuation. We tailor the deal structure to ensure that we can bring our complete connected capital solution into play and we recognise leadership teams that we can support in achieving the commercial drivers of value creation.

Support well

Through focused investment and platform capabilities we have the full breadth of knowledge and networks to advance our portfolio companies.

Sell well

Our ability to provide follow-on funding and capital for acquisitions supports optimum exits and timely realisations.

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