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Mercia’s FY24 Interim Results presentation
Mercia EIS Funds | 23rd November, 2023
Webinar | Briefing on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement
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Entrepreneurial pitfalls: steering through founder challenges
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Webinar | EIS & Deployment: The Need for Speed
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Nurturing a vibrant and inclusive startup ecosystem in the UK
Direct Investments | 4th July, 2023
Mercia announces preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2023
Insights | 4th July, 2023
Mercia preliminary results FY2023 – CIO’s review
Insights | 4th July, 2023
Mercia preliminary results FY2023 – CEO’s review
Insights | 4th July, 2023
Mercia preliminary results FY2023 – CFO’s review
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Is stress holding you back?
Insights | 25th June, 2023
Are you burning out?
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Mobile and digital gaming portfolio update
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Webinar | Asset allocation and venture capital
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Webinar | Preparing ‘you’ for exit
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Webinar | Hiring and building a global or remote team with Deel
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Webinar | Mercia’s Knowledge-intensive EIS fund
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Webinar | Workplace Benefits with Cloud8
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Webinar | Mercia’s Northern VCTs
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Webinar | ESG – where to begin?
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Webinar | Business extraction with EIS
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Webinar | Unleash the power of your equity
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Mercia FY23 interim results presentation
News | 6th December, 2022
Mercia interim results 2023 – Chief Financial Officer’s Review
News | 6th December, 2022
Mercia interim results 2023 – Chief Investment Officer’s Review
News | 6th December, 2022
Mercia interim results 2023 – Chief Executive Officer’s Review
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st December, 2022
Webinar | Mercia EIS: November Performance Update
News | 25th November, 2022
Never doubt debt as a catalyst for growth
News | 25th November, 2022
The radius of success: Regional equity
News | 25th November, 2022
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
Insights | 21st November, 2022
Webinar | Preparing for exit
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Webinar | How to write a Profitable Digital Marketing strategy
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Webinar | What is a creative strategy and why do I need one?
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Webinar | How to run a tech build and what to expect from your agency
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Webinar | Knowledge Intensive EIS
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Webinar: Investing in Linkedin; why is it important for your business
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Webinar | EIS Tax Planning with Mercia
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The Panel: Hire for attitude, train for skills
Insights | 25th August, 2022
Webinar: Email marketing – A how to
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Webinar: Scaling your sales engine
Insights | 31st July, 2022
Resolving challenges and acting with integrity: Matthew Batchelor on working as a Mercia Growth Partner
Insights | 31st July, 2022
Conscious leadership for exceptional teams
Insights | 31st July, 2022
Exit focus: get ready to create value
Insights | 25th July, 2022
Webinar: Snakes and Ladders valuations with Zendesk
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Webinar: Developing a greener technology plan with Axiologik
Insights | 20th July, 2022
Webinar: How to turn your customer service centre into a profit centre with Zendesk
Insights | 6th July, 2022
Mercia’s preliminary results presentation 2022
Direct Investments | 5th July, 2022
Mercia announces robust preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2022
Insights | 28th June, 2022
Webinar: Road map to Net Zero with Comply Direct’s, Liz Wood
Insights | 27th June, 2022
Webinar: The importance of data before, during and after a fundraise or exit
Insights | 20th June, 2022
Webinar: Mind v Machine – building lasting relationships with Helen Darlington
Mercia EIS Funds | 7th June, 2022
Webinar | Mercia EIS May 2022 update
News | 16th May, 2022
Where Deep Tech has been and where it’s going, with Ash Kumaraswamy
News | 16th May, 2022
More than responsible: Our Knowledge-intensive Impact Fund
Insights | 16th May, 2022
The Manufacturing Renaissance: Spotlight on South Yorkshire
Insights | 16th May, 2022
Dive in: Where Deep Tech has been – and where it’s going
News | 16th May, 2022
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
Insights | 9th May, 2022
Fully self-serve SaaS: The golden ticket or a silver lining?
Insights | 12th April, 2022
The next digital revolution? Economy, jobs and infrastructure in the metaverse
Insights | 12th April, 2022
The life of a plural FD
Insights | 12th April, 2022
Non-executive director appointments made from January to March 2022
Insights | 12th April, 2022
Why menopause matters to business strategy
News | 5th April, 2022
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund report shows increased productivity, employment and skills
Mercia EIS Funds | 16th March, 2022
Webinar | Mercia EIS Webinar 2021/22 Exits Showcase
Mercia EIS Funds | 9th March, 2022
Webinar | Launch of our Knowledge-Intensive Impact EIS
Direct Investments | 28th February, 2022
Mercia announces further direct investment into MIP Diagnostics
News | 23rd February, 2022
In-person retail shopping is awful. What comes next?
Mercia EIS Funds | 10th February, 2022
Webinar | Tax-efficient investing with Mercia; Northern VCTs, Mercia EIS, Impact KI Fund
North East Venture Fund | 2nd February, 2022
North East Venture Fund round-up with Thea Tebble
News | 2nd February, 2022
North East Venture Fund round-up with Thea Tebble
News | 21st January, 2022
WEBINAR: How to build your sales team with Hubspot’s Francois Plattard
News | 19th January, 2022
WEBINAR: Marketing Strategies for 2022 with Hubspot’s Francois Plattard
Direct Investments | 5th January, 2022
Completion of the sale of Faradion | Interview with James Quinn
News | 5th January, 2022
Completion of the sale of Faradion
Direct Investments | 22nd December, 2021
Mercia announces Intechnica follow-on | Interview with Jeremy Gidlow
News | 16th December, 2021
WEBINAR: Discussing Mercia’s EIS Life Science strategy with Peter Dines
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 16th December, 2021
Midlands round-up 2021 with David Baker
News | 15th December, 2021
WEBINAR: Briefing on Mercia’s Impact approved EIS fund
News | 7th December, 2021
Mercia’s Interim Results 2022 presentation
News | 18th November, 2021
‘Supreme Seven’ by CEO and Chair, Jim Chambers
News | 18th November, 2021
NED Network Focus…Matt Little
News | 18th November, 2021
Whistleblowing: What should Boards be aware of?
News | 4th November, 2021
WEBINAR: 10 things to consider when innovating with Richard Hall
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st November, 2021
WEBINAR: Mercia EIS performance review
News | 21st October, 2021
Spotlight on our EIS Funds – Dr Paul Mattick
News | 21st October, 2021
Health Tech is in a healthy place – Peter Dines, COO
News | 21st October, 2021
Digital disruption – Dr John Ashcroft
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th September, 2021
EIS and ESG converge for success
Insights | 20th August, 2021
WEBINAR: Different types of EIS exits – Mercia’s case studies
Insights | 10th August, 2021
WEBINAR: Coronavirus – implications of the vaccine in the workplace
Mercia EIS Funds | 30th July, 2021
WEBINAR: Compare and contrast: Mercia EIS and Northern VCTs
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WEBINAR: Protecting your technology with Tom Prince
Insights | 21st July, 2021
WEBINAR: How can software patents improve your exit strategy, timelines and budget planning?
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Spotlight on – Mercia’s Midlands Engine Investment Fund
Direct Investments | 15th July, 2021
Mercia strive towards new 20:20 vision
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The rise of ransomware