News | 15th December, 2021
WEBINAR: Briefing on Mercia’s Impact approved EIS fund
News | 7th December, 2021
Mercia’s Interim Results 2022 presentation
News | 18th November, 2021
‘Supreme Seven’ by CEO and Chair, Jim Chambers
News | 18th November, 2021
NED Network Focus…Matt Little
News | 18th November, 2021
Whistleblowing: What should Boards be aware of?
News | 4th November, 2021
WEBINAR: 10 things to consider when innovating with Richard Hall
Mercia EIS Funds | 1st November, 2021
WEBINAR: Mercia EIS performance review
News | 21st October, 2021
Spotlight on our EIS Funds – Dr Paul Mattick
News | 21st October, 2021
Health Tech is in a healthy place – Peter Dines, COO
News | 21st October, 2021
Digital disruption – Dr John Ashcroft
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th September, 2021
EIS and ESG converge for success
Insights | 20th August, 2021
WEBINAR: Different types of EIS exits – Mercia’s case studies
Insights | 10th August, 2021
WEBINAR: Coronavirus – implications of the vaccine in the workplace
Mercia EIS Funds | 30th July, 2021
WEBINAR: Compare and contrast: Mercia EIS and Northern VCTs
Insights | 29th July, 2021
WEBINAR: Protecting your technology with Tom Prince
Insights | 21st July, 2021
WEBINAR: How can software patents improve your exit strategy, timelines and budget planning?
News | 15th July, 2021
Spotlight on – Mercia’s Midlands Engine Investment Fund
Direct Investments | 15th July, 2021
Mercia strive towards new 20:20 vision
News | 15th July, 2021
The rise of ransomware
Direct Investments | 6th July, 2021
Mercia announces record results | Interview with CIO, Julian Viggars
Direct Investments | 6th July, 2021
Mercia announces record results | Interview with CEO, Dr. Mark Payton
News | 6th July, 2021
Mercia’s Analyst Presentation 2021
Direct Investments | 6th July, 2021
Mercia announces record preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2021
Insights | 25th June, 2021
WEBINAR: Compound interest in EIS funds – The case studies
Insights | 10th June, 2021
WEBINAR: Brexit and Immigration – Your questions answered
Insights | 4th June, 2021
The Panel: B2B SaaS top of funnel – what is working in 2021?
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 3rd June, 2021
Iventis Exclusive: Supporting a Major Event Bid with Iventis
Mercia EIS Funds | 27th May, 2021
WEBINAR: EIS tax planning case studies
Insights | 20th May, 2021
The Panel: B2C – The future of consumer habits
Insights | 11th May, 2021
WEBINAR: How you can create a valuable brand by taking a position
News | 10th May, 2021
Complete Connected Capital case study: CurrentBody
NPIF Debt | 10th May, 2021
Spotlight on – our debt funds
News | 10th May, 2021
Spotlight on – our debt funds
Direct Investments | 10th May, 2021
Julian Viggars, CIO: Realising value: six exits mark a successful year
Direct Investments | 10th May, 2021
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
Insights | 10th May, 2021
A point of view – Dr Mark Payton
Northern VCTs | 10th May, 2021
Snapshot of our developing portfolio: The Northern VCTs
Insights | 6th May, 2021
The Panel: Back to the future office
Insights | 30th April, 2021
WEBINAR: Update on Mercia’s EIS performance
Insights | 22nd April, 2021
WEBINAR: Bridge India Report Launch
News | 22nd April, 2021
Think tank report urges closer UK-India energy collaboration in electric vehicles, batteries, green financing
Insights | 21st April, 2021
WEBINAR: The role of the CFO in Equity-backed businesses
News | 20th April, 2021
The Mercia Brief: Mercia’s virtual shareholder event 2021
Mercia EIS Funds | 16th April, 2021
The Panel: Sport and Business: The Marginal Gains
Insights | 15th April, 2021
The Panel: Building your finance team for growth
NPIF Equity | 8th April, 2021
NED Network Focus…Joe Cohen
Direct Investments | 8th April, 2021
Building a resilient future
Direct Investments | 8th April, 2021
Chair Summit 2021
Insights | 25th March, 2021
WEBINAR: Today, Tomorrow and the Future of our new Trade Arrangement with the EU
Insights | 24th March, 2021
The Panel: How tech is driving the green agenda
Direct Investments | 18th March, 2021
Mercia named the UK’s third most active investor
Insights | 11th March, 2021
WEBINAR: OXGENE – Exit for Mercia’s EIS Funds
Exit | 1st March, 2021
Sale of OXGENE delivers strategic objective of ‘evergreening’ Mercia’s balance sheet
Exit | 1st March, 2021
Mercia’s Trading Update
Exit | 1st March, 2021
Mercia’s Trading Update
News | 26th February, 2021
Food and Mood – Wellbeing Workshop with hero coach Dom Haigh
Mercia EIS Funds | 24th February, 2021
Discussing the Value of UK Regional Investment with Justin Urquhart Stewart
News | 19th February, 2021
Positive Mindset – Wellbeing Workshop with hero coach Laura Schober
Insights | 12th February, 2021
WEBINAR: What ESG adds to Mercia’s EIS Funds
Insights | 12th February, 2021
The Panel: Invested in the Digital Gaming Revolution
Insights | 4th February, 2021
WEBINAR PART 2: Realising your idea: Prototype to Product
Exit | 2nd February, 2021
Mercia’s Software and eCommerce portfolio: Technology for growth
Insights | 21st January, 2021
WEBINAR PART 1: The Art of Rapid Innovation: How to launch better products, fast
News | 15th December, 2020
Mercia: A Year in Review 2020: Mercia’s portfolio perspective
Insights | 2nd December, 2020
The Panel: Thriving as a FD/CFO in the future
Direct Investments | 1st December, 2020
Codifying responsible investment – Jill Williams
MEIF - Proof of Concept | 1st December, 2020
Snapshot on our developing portfolio; Midlands Tech 50
Direct Investments | 1st December, 2020
Complete Connected Capital and investment performance
Direct Investments | 1st December, 2020
Life Sciences: A discussion about healthy investment
Northern VCTs | 30th November, 2020
Spotlight on the Northern VCTs Fund
News | 30th November, 2020
NED Network Focus – Stuart Holness
News | 26th November, 2020
Mercia’s Life Sciences helping the COVID-19 fight
Direct Investments | 26th November, 2020
Mercia life sciences portfolio: Hearing from the companies
Insights | 17th November, 2020
WEBINAR: What is Performance Marketing and how it will impact your bottom line
Insights | 10th November, 2020
WEBINAR: Six-monthly EIS valuations’ update, including the 8x exit of Clear Review
Insights | 6th November, 2020
WEBINAR: Your website; How to build a commercial advantage
Insights | 20th October, 2020
WEBINAR: How Mercia’s funds leverage each other – EIS, VCT, MEIF
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th October, 2020
Why financial advisers are saying EIS is currently relevant to their clients
Insights | 2nd October, 2020
WEBINAR: Atlas Cloud – Hybrid Working
Insights | 19th September, 2020
People we have backed – Giles Hampson
Mercia EIS Funds | 15th September, 2020
WEBINAR: EIS carry back to the 2019/20 tax year
Insights | 18th August, 2020
WEBINAR: Sport and business parallels – Olympic success and venture returns
SME Loans | 12th August, 2020
How to improve your loan application
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2020
Moving the dial on ESG – Mercia’s roadmap
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2020
Return, Recover, Regeneration
Direct Investments | 3rd August, 2020
In the wake of the storm; settling into the new normal
Insights | 30th July, 2020
WEBINAR: The Native Antigen Company – Exit for Mercia EIS Fund
Mercia EIS Funds | 15th July, 2020
WEBINAR: Diversification and repeat investment
Insights | 26th June, 2020
WEBINAR: Godfrey Ryan – Customer Success
Insights | 26th June, 2020
WEBINAR: Godfrey Ryan – Customer Success
Insights | 16th June, 2020
Mercia EIS client journey – a webinar for advisers and paraplanners
North East Venture Fund | 4th June, 2020
Webinar: How does the UK exit the lockdown and what it means for UK businesses
Insights | 27th May, 2020
How will the changes to the furlough scheme operate in practice and how do you manage a return to ‘business as usual’?
Insights | 26th May, 2020
Dr. Paul Mattick Q&A with Chris Kilroy of Mercia’s EIS Funds
News | 20th May, 2020
Mercia Meets – Rachel Richardson, Commercial Director, Troo
Insights | 19th May, 2020
Graeme Hall: Re-aligning your sales resource post-COVID-19
Insights | 15th May, 2020
Coming Out: COVID-19 exit scenarios
Insights | 15th May, 2020
The length, breadth and depth of COVID-19 and the economy
Mercia EIS Funds | 13th May, 2020
Mercia EIS Fund risk mitigation and COVID-19