WEBINAR PART 2: Realising your idea: Prototype to Product

Join John Griffin and Dominic Port from design and innovation consultancy, Pack, as they bring you their follow-on webinar ‘Realising your idea: Prototype to Product’

Have you ever struggled to move a key innovation project forward?

Coming up with the idea and validating the need are only the beginning. The
hardest part of realising your ambition as a digital product company is
navigating the fuzzy area between ideas and outcomes.

Based on their experiences running Design Sprints for top companies – large and
small, John and Dominic share practical advice for people shifting from discovery to

Design Thinking as a methodology and mindset to validate your idea is
essential, but Design Doing is what you need to create a product that
becomes a reality.

Watch as they show you the crossover of the two, and how you can take a
concept to completion the right way, every time.

Key session learning points and takeaways:

● Learn the importance of prototyping and validation to make sure you’re
building the right thing for your customers

● Learn how to move beyond the prototype into iterative sprints and laser
focussed outputs to get your product built with as little friction as

● Learn about engaging your audience throughout the process without
derailing your roadmap