WEBINAR PART 1: The Art of Rapid Innovation: How to launch better products, fast

Mercia‘s ‘Webinar Series’ continues, and to kick off 2021, we are thrilled to be joined by John Griffin and Dominic Port from Pack.

The duo will dig into the common barriers most teams face when trying to innovate products quickly, how you can face and recognise the challenges in being agile. Join us and learn how to start getting stuff done quickly.

The last 10 years have seen a number of technology start-ups transition from small disruptive teams into established global companies with thousands of employees.

Companies such as Spotify, Netflix & Slack have experienced exponential growth, with the media frequently charting their progress through revenue, valuations or head count.

However, perhaps one of the most remarkable successes away from the numbers has been the ability of these companies to not only grow ‘big’, but to maintain an enviable cadence of innovation and iteration whilst doing so.

Join John Griffin and Dominic Port from Pack to find out more including the techniques, tools and frameworks you can embrace to help make things happen.

For more about Pack and the tools available to you please follow this link: https://www.ridewiththepack.com/become-a-collaboration-master/

Watch Pack’s second webinar here