Mercia EIS Funds

WEBINAR: Compare and contrast: Mercia EIS and Northern VCTs

In this webinar, Dr Paul Mattick discusses with the financial planner Stephen Jones (of Clear Solutions IFA)  the benefits of EIS and VCTs.

There are many areas covered, including why an investor may chose a VCT over an EIS (or vice versa), stage/types of companies invested, expected hold period and costs.

The Northern VCTs joined the Mercia group in 2019, and since then there has been progressive alignment between our two tax efficient products, however, there remains some substantial differences.

Mercia manages both Mercia EIS and Northern VCTs, and we will introduce our offerings. Paul and Stephen were joined by Aaron Lawson-Clark from the Northern VCTs and Srikar Karri from the Mercia EIS Fund. Aaron and Srikar provided details of the current portfolio companies, recent exits and future pipeline.

(Capital at Risk. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future return)

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