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Discovery Global Enterprises ups its digital offering with new VirtTrade partnership

Discovery Global Enterprises, the licensing arm of Discovery Communications, has partnered with Mercia Technologies PLC’s portfolio company, VirtTrade, to develop and publish multiple apps over the next three years.

VirtTrade is a leading developer of gamified collecting and trading apps. The company’s proprietary technology enables fans of an IP to collect and trade digital assets (such as virtual cards) with anyone in the world at any time. This capability is amplified by games and features that enhance the collector journey to create a more engaging user experience, moving beyond the restrictions of physical collecting.

Matt Bonaccorso, Director Digital & eCommerce Discovery Channel said: “VirtTrade offers Discovery Global Enterprises an entry point into digital that leverages social and games while making the most of the fan favorite brands from Discovery Communications.”

The first two apps, Discovery Card Quest and Animal Planet, are due to launch this fall and Q1 2018, respectively and will be available on iOS and Android.

The Discovery Card Quest app is intended primarily for children and will centre the collectible journey around many subjects including Space, Oceans, Science, Dinosaurs, Shark Week and other content representative of Discovery Channel programming.

The app features a virtual passport for users to travel anywhere, from inside a living cell to the far reaches of the universe, and throughout time itself. Users will collect power-ups and experience points as they compete and trade with friends to rank amongst the greatest explorers of all time.

VirtTrade’s platform enables the publication of tradeable cards with static and video assets alongside ‘scratch-to-reveal’ Did You Know facts, with a publishing schedule that reflects Discovery Channel programming. Battles, rewards, unlockable content, limited editions, fusion cards and location based collecting are all features slated for release within six months of launch.

Ross Walker, VirtTrade Chief Commercial Officer said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Discovery Global Enterprises. Discovery’s content works extremely well as a collectible narrative; and their consumer reach and engagement offers us a user acquisition and potential install base that’s second to none. We aim to continually test and innovate to improve consumers’ experience around IP and in turn move licensors significantly up the value chain.”