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Fractured Space breaks half a million users for Edge Case Games

Edge Case Games, developers of the team-based space battle game, Fractured Space, today announced it has reached the milestone of over 500,000 users in early access on Steam following a successful Free Weekend Promotion.

The promotion, which began on Friday 29th January, allowed users to download and keep the most recent version of the game which gives a taste of what the final full version will offer when it is launched later in 2016.

Edge Case Games’ free weekend comes as part of a company-wide drive to scale globally ahead of full release. It has also been accompanied by three new hires to help maintain growth, including former EA Dice and Atari industry veteran Martin Frain, who joined as Marketing Director, along with new recruits in analytics (Scott Davis) and monetisation (Jorge Ezquerra). Edge Case Games is now working to increase awareness of Fractured Space through the implementation of an international PR strategy, appointing a network of high profile PR agencies across the world.

An early alpha version of Fractured Space was first made available to core fans in November 2014. Since then, the game has been enhanced and developed, thanks in part to an active online community that suggests gameplay improvements whilst playing the game.

Edge Case Games is the latest ‘emerging star’ from Mercia Fund Management’s third party funds to receive direct investment from Mercia Technologies PLC. Most recently, it began a collaboration with major Chinese software publishing house and top developer Seasun Games Corporation Limited, which invested £1.0m alongside Mercia Technologies’ £1.5m in November.

Chris Mehers, COO of Edge Case Games, said:

“Coming off the back of an amazing free weekend on Steam, the arrival of Martin Frain alongside our new team members in Analytics and Monetisation represents a huge step forward in creating a winning team in preparation for the full launch of Fractured Space later this year.”

Mike Hayes, Head of Digital Entertainment at Mercia Technologies PLC, said:

“Edge Case Games has grown impressively since its first investment from Mercia’s wholly-owned subsidiary of third party funds, Mercia Fund Management, in 2014, attracting a loyal user base through Steam’s online marketplace. Its recent partnership with Seasun Games, which will see Edge Case Games scale globally, also underlines the disruptive potential of the company.

“We look forward to seeing what 2016 holds in store for Edge Case Games, and eagerly await the full release of Fractured Space later this year.”

You can watch the latest Fractured Space trailer here: