Develop and manufacture a washing process that consumes less water and energy, using a patented reusable and recyclable polymer bead cleaning system.

Semiconductors- replacing mechanical crystals in electronic devices with silicon solutions.

Software products for the telecommunications industry.

Games distribution platform using unique DRM technology to allow games to be distributed to users for free without worsening the piracy problems that concern most publishers.

Science in Sport plc is a leading sports nutrition company that develops, manufactures and markets sports nutrition products for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Sources, develops and provides licenses to patented bioactive products.

Developing and selling proprietary products aimed at enhancing crop yield.

Clinical stage pharmaceutical company focussed on developing novel drugs based upon sulforaphane.

Consumer medical device to alleviate female incontinence. A highly innovative product which has patent rights within the United States.

A provider of molecular diagnostics which applies its freeze-drying expertise and proprietary cryo-preservatives to freeze-dry and stabilise all reagents required for PCR including Taq polymerase.