Direct Investments

Mercia makes further investment into world leader in DNA design

Mercia Fund Management (MFM), one of the leading technology investors in the UK, has invested a funding package of up to £500,000 into Oxford Genetics, a synthetic biology company with world-leading expertise in DNA design.

Mercia has worked closely with Oxford Genetics for over four years, which has already developed the world’s largest library of DNA plasmid “building blocks” for simplified genetic engineering via their main technology, SnapFast™, offered under an intellectual property free policy to help enable efficient research for their customers.

This latest investment will allow Oxford Genetics to propel the commercialisation of its ground-breaking DNA design and algorithm technologies which can enable biopharma and biotech companies to overcome poor protein yield, a key barrier in terms of high unit cost and/or failure to bring drugs to market.

Founded in 2011 by genetic engineer Dr Ryan Cawood and Len Seymour, Professor of gene therapies at the University of Oxford, the company’s in-depth knowledge and expertise provides a wealth of improvements and optimisations for the complex creation of recombinant proteins, which will be used to help combat many life-threatening illnesses, including Hepatitis B, HIV and Diabetes.

Commenting on the investment, CEO Mark Payton at Mercia said:

“We are pleased to further our support of Oxford Genetics as they continue to commercialise their innovative services, which have far-reaching benefits for the industry. Oxford Genetics’ successful track record for DNA design and optimisation will soon establish it as a market leader in the improvement of protein manufacture.”

Ryan Cawood, CEO and Founder of Oxford Genetics, said:

“Mercia’s investment will allow us to accelerate our research, leverage public funding and roll out our commercial programe. Over the last four years, Mercia has not only provided investment, it has also been a supportive presence on our Board, providing guidance to a rapidly evolving business.”

About Oxford Genetics

Oxford Genetics is a synthetic biology company with world leading expertise in DNA design. We transform the use of DNA by optimising every step of its activity. Key to our focus is an understanding of hor protein expression can be enhanced to provide our customers with the opportunity to overcome factors which would otherwise inhibit protein yield in their manufacturing processes, in particular, when using mammalian cells.

For the complete solution, through our bespoke DNA design service we provide both optimised gene coding sequences and plasmid expression. This is supported by a range of proprietary media and reagents designed specifically to maximise the expression of recombinant DNA in versatile cell culture systems.

We also offer the world’s largest and most versatile collection of inter-compatible DNA plasmids to make complex cloning procedures routine.