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Smart Antenna Technologies launches SmarTenna®, patented antenna technology for future wireless connectivity

Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT), a spin-out from the University of Birmingham, has announced the launch of SmarTenna®, the technology trademark for its advanced antenna systems.

SmarTenna® is a patented antenna technology that is used in all SAT antenna systems for a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartTVs, mobile phones and tablets. The single antenna system combines patented antenna elements that support multi-port, multi-band, wireless standards, with adaptive antenna tuning and circuit technology to optimise RF performance over a wide bandwidth. This allows dual band WiFi, LTE-A Bluetooth and GPS/GNSS to be supported in a more flexible manner with a single, cost-effective, compact antenna system.

Given the inherent isolation within the patented antenna elements of SmarTenna®, wireless standards can co-exist concurrently. Additionally, SmarTenna® also allows LTE bands from 450-6GHz to be supported, including multiple carriers in the LTE-A Carrier Aggregation. SmarTenna® addresses the challenges of future wireless systems defined in LTE-A pro and 5G in terms of bandwidth, performance, cost and size.

Colin Tucker, Chairman of SAT, said:

“SmarTenna® technology contains not only sophisticated high performance antenna element arrays, but patented active circuitry to tune and enhance the overall system performance.”

Sampson Hu, Founder and CTO of SAT, added:

“With SmarTenna® we enable end users to have a much better wireless experience anywhere, at any time, without being burdened by high costs commonly associated with the rollout of new technologies in smart devices. With SmarTenna®, we believe every business, carrier and mobile user will be able to embrace 5G, as well as other new technologies, in a more effective manner.”

Smart Antenna received a £1.2m follow-on investment from Mercia as part of a total funding syndicate of £1.5m in October last year. To find out more about the company, watch this video: