Startup loan calculator

At Mercia we want ambitious small businesses and start-ups to succeed, and for them to succeed we want to make sure they are making the right decisions when searching for finance or debt investment. SME loans are available with  Mercia and are important if you are looking to scale your premises, grow your business or bridge cash flow gaps. We will also provide small business loans to leverage buyouts and/or acquisitions.

Make sure you choose the right small business loan and you are satisfied with your repayment package. This must to be right for you and your small business, or else this can put you in an awkward situation.

Many SMEs make the wrong choice with their chosen loan, so this is where having access to a start-up loan calculator can help you.

You need three key pieces of information about your loan to begin:

  • The amount of funding required
  • The repayment term
  • The interest rate of loan.

Then you need to go online, where in many instances you will get a quick answer, but we would suggest that if you access small business loans through this route, check the small print and make sure you understand if the loan is unsecured or secured. At Mercia, we would prefer to talk to you. Not only to find out more about your small business, but also to understand what your future growth ambitions are, and how our ‘Complete Connected Capital’ can help you to fully realise your small business’ potential.

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