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We are pleased to welcome you to Mercia and look forward to working together to help you grow your business.  As part of the onboarding process, we have prepared some introductory information and guidance when you need it.


In the regions, from the regions, to the regions
Dr. Mark Payton, CEO, Mercia PLC

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We’re here to support you

We want to ensure that you’re supported every step of the way in this journey that you’ve chosen to take with Mercia. That’s why we created this pack to show what you can expect from this collaboration.

Welcome from Mark Payton

Watch a welcome message from Mercia’s CEO, Dr. Mark Payton.

Insights and Mercia TV

Whether you enjoy a long read, or watching video content is more your thing, the Mercia Hub is a good resource to find a range of information.

We have a host of blogs written by the Mercia team, our ‘Webinar Series’ with fascinating insights by leading sector experts, as well as numerous video interviews from many of our portfolio companies.

There’s so much to choose from and we promise you will be back for more.

To read our quarterly- PLC newsletter, ‘The Insight’, which showcases the latest news from our portfolio and people, click the button below.

Insights Mercia TV Newsletters

Mercia’s social media

We love to keep all of our portfolio companies up to date across our social media channels.

Whether it’s posting a good news story, promoting webinars, highlighting a regional investment, or simply sharing our thanks, there are many ways to keep updated across our latest social offerings.

Join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and stay connected.

Remember that if you have an upcoming good news story you would like us to share, contact the marketing team and we will endeavour to help support your company’s social posts.

Partner programme

At Mercia, we are committed to helping our portfolio companies grow as best we can. Therefore, we are always on the look-out for partners that we think would benefit you and your business. If you are one of our portfolio companies, we are pleased to share with you a range of specially selected Mercia portfolio offers on a range of hardware and software products.

100 day plan

This is a joint planning effort between Mercia, the management team and board members to agree to and align on a strategy to grow the business. It is an opportunity for all parties to gain clarity over any concerns raised by the Fund, key shareholders and/or management.

The 100 day plan is essential as it lays out the foundation and actions needed to implement a value creation plan, feedback loop from customers and establish the right approach to create a stable revenue stream for the business.

Investors' insight

We’ve put together a simplified breakdown of acronyms and jargon you may hear in conversation. This might be useful if you’re new to the world of investment – and we’re always happy to keep adding to the list!

View or download our investors’ insight below.

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