Mercia EIS Funds

A great score for Mercia

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) industry is a fast-moving one.

As fund managers, if you fail to keep the pace and can no longer demonstrate a decent track record, then there is no place to hide.

And rightly so; for when it comes to investing other people’s capital, investing it in the right way is just as important as if you were investing your own funds.

It is therefore with great pride that at a time when independent reviewers are being far more critical of the EIS industry, which has been particularly challenging for the sector, we can share some excellent news with our networks.

Following a recent review by Allenbridge Mercia’s EIS Funds score, which was already above average at 85, has been increased to 86 – now one of the highest scores for any EIS fund manager.

The report summarised Mercia’s EIS Funds as follows –

The Manager’s increased growth in assets and balance sheet, its considerable advantages as an entrenched incumbent in the spin-out space with line of sight pipeline, and co-investment with other Mercia funds, as well as its admirable track record of returns to investors, makes Mercia a strong consideration for investors with existing exposure to tax advantaged investments wanting exposure to higher-risk, early-stage technology-focused EIS opportunities in their portfolio.”

Dr Paul Mattick, Head of Mercia’s EIS Investor Relations said “We are thrilled to be able to share this news with our networks and encourage you to take time to review the full report yourselves. Our Investment Teams continue to work exceptionally hard to build the great businesses of the future and generate attractive returns for our shareholders. This report contains a full and independent assessment of our EIS Funds which we believe will help both IFAs and private investors when considering Mercia as partner for tax-efficient investment”.

Download a copy of the report here.