Lancashire-based medical supplier takes the lead in x-ray protection

A manufacturer and supplier of radiology and shielding solutions for hospitals and clinics has expanded its production capacity in the last year, creating more jobs for the region.

In the last 18 months, Rothband Ltd has become the UK’s leading manufacturer of protective lead aprons, following a period of sustained growth.  The company is now producing 20% more of this product with an increase in turnover of around 73% since a takeover in 2014.

Rothband received investment in 2014 from Lancashire Rosebud Finance, which is managed by Enterprise Ventures on behalf of Lancashire County Developments Limited (LCDL) – Lancashire County Council’s economic development company.

Paul Taberner, Investment Director at Enterprise Ventures, has been working closely with Rothband. He said: “It’s great to see a business like Rothband return to its roots and reinstate itself as the leading manufacturer of protective lead aprons to hospitals and clinics.

“We look forward to working with Rothband’s Managing Director, Paul Dixon, and his team as they continue to expand Rothband’s manufacturing capabilities. This, in turn, will also mean more quality jobs for Lancashire.”

Rothband, which is based in Rossendale, is now looking to build a stronger international distribution model, as well as increase the number of partnerships it holds with private healthcare clients in the UK. In order to meet increasing demand, the company will also expand its manufacturing capabilities. The company has been manufacturing protective products for radiology professionals and their patients since 1860, has built strong relationships with departmental managers thanks to its long-standing reputation as a quality, cost-effective producer of lead-based goods, and is now supplying its range of lead aprons to NHS hospitals across the UK.

Rothband also markets and sells a range of solutions for radiology departments such as: mobile screens, lead curtains, digital imaging monitors and Calscan Bone Densitometry machines. The company will be investing in an experienced sales team to market these products, particularly its digital range, which is now a key player in expediting diagnoses from x-rays.

Paul Dixon, Managing Director at Rothband Ltd, said:

“Having worked in the field of radiology throughout my career, I am excited to be leading Rothband as it once again becomes the number one supplier of protective radiology solutions in the country.

“Our lead-based aprons are the cornerstone of our brand, providing vital protection for staff and patients in radiology departments throughout the UK for over a century.  We will now scale the business in order to successfully penetrate the international markets.  We will also continue to expand our other products and services, including our range of digital tools, which are now at the forefront of x-ray technology.”

County Councillor Niki Penney, chair of LCDL said: “This is a great example of how Rosebud helps companies by providing them with the funding and support to grow their businesses.

“Rothband has increased its turnover, which helps to provide more work right here in Lancashire and creates new jobs.

“We’re proud of the support that Rosebud gives to Lancashire’s businesses, which could be helping your company to grow and prosper.”