Mercia EIS Funds

Mercia appoints new Head of Funds & Investor Relations; launches new EIS/SEIS fund

Mercia Fund Management Ltd (Mercia) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Paul Mattick as Head of Funds & Investor Relations.

Paul, who will report to Mercia’s Executive Director, Jonathan Diggines, will lead Mercia’s fund raising team and oversee the performance of the tax-efficient funds. He will also manage Mercia’s investor relations, working with both private investors and the growing network of advisers.

Paul has a wealth of experience in investor relations, having formerly worked as Private Client Manager at Oxford Capital.

Paul has a Ph.D and Post-Doctorate from the University of Oxford and a 1st Class Bachelor of Science for the University of Leeds. He is ACSI, SPS and CF30 qualified and a former Olympian and World Champion Athlete.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr Paul Mattick said:

“For a number of years I have been watching the impressive development of Mercia’s innovative business model, which is supported by some of the UK’s leading mutual funds. Mercia finds value by investing at seed stage, after which specialist Investment Directors help to scale these businesses to find Mercia’s ‘Emerging Stars’.

“This US-style Venture Capital model has led to an industry-leading performance of our tax-efficient funds, and this is especially exciting when combined with the Virtual Share Exchange, through which investors may be able to sell part of their fund before a full exit. The EIS/SEIS tax reliefs are substantial, and we regard them as very important, but they are just the icing on the (investment) cake.”

To coincide with Paul’s appointment, Mercia is launching its latest EIS/SEIS fund, Mercia Growth Fund 6 (MGF6), which will invest in early stage technology businesses. This fund will form part of the innovative ‘Complete Capital Solution’, which can meet a company’s funding requirements from seed through to a potential exit.

Mercia’s low fee tax-efficient funds have an average performance of 38% IRR (on NAV) excluding tax benefits, and an option for early liquidity in some cases. (Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and there is no guarantee of early liquidity).

For more details, please download our Information Memorandum, or speak to one of the Mercia team. Our investment application is available upon request.