Asset valuation

As part of exit strategies, asset valuation is an important component to the process. Here we dive into resources and insights including early valuation techniques, valuing international organisations and valuation for mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are preparing for a sale or acquisition, or seeking investment, understanding how to value your assets effectively is essential.


Articles and Reports

  1. RICS Valuation Dashboard – This report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors provides an economic summary and detailed insights into valuation trends in the UK. It’s a crucial resource for understanding current valuation benchmarks.
  2. Driving Value: Four Factors Influencing SME Values by UHY Hacker Young – This article discusses key factors that influence the valuation of SMEs, including sector, size, and ESG considerations.



  1. Valuation and Deal Structuring Tool – A tool that helps businesses understand their valuation and structure deals effectively.


Additional Resources

  1. Grant Thornton – InsightsHere Grant Thorntons collection of insights regular give insight into all things business including IPO, ESG, Sales and valuations
  2. UK – “Selling your business”Offers guidance on the steps to take when selling a business, including valuing your business, finding a buyer, and the legal process.
  3. BDO LLP – “Guide to selling your business”This guide covers the key considerations for preparing a business for sale, including financial health, operational efficiency, and maximizing value.
  4. PwC – “Selling a Private Company: The Owner’s Manual”A detailed manual on preparing a private company for sale, covering financial, legal, and operational readiness.



  1. The Exit Strategy PodcastAlthough US-based, this podcast provides valuable insights that are applicable globally, including the UK. It focuses on strategies for exiting a business, whether through sale or acquisition.
  2. Disruptors – Covers a wide range of business topics, including how to prepare a business for sale and navigate acquisitions. The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and experts.
  3. Business Buying Strategies – Dedicated to the topic of buying businesses, this podcast provides valuable insights into the acquisition process, due diligence, and integration post-acquisition.