Negotiation of sale terms

An integral part to exit strategies is negotiating the sale term of a businesses. Whether you are selling your company or acquiring a new asset, mastering the art of negotiation is key to securing favourable terms that reflect the true value and potential of your business. In this section, you’ll find insights into negation techniques and structuring a deal for sale.


  1. Marketing Donut – “Negotiating a sale – checklist”This guide offers practical tips for negotiating sales, including preparing yourself, clarifying objectives, understanding customer needs, and identifying negotiable points.
  2. Zendesk – “7 Sales Negotiation Strategies” Provides strategies for leading negotiations, building value, managing emotions, offering trades, identifying decision-makers, and knowing when to walk away.
  3. HubSpot – “12 Essential Negotiation Skills for Salespeople”Discusses key skills like defining concessions, speaking second, avoiding ranges, and ensuring conversations remain light and positive.
  4. The Sales Connection – “Sales Negotiation Techniques”Focuses on strategies for emphasizing value over price, understanding customer needs, setting negotiation boundaries, and being ready to walk away.


  1. Simply Docs – Sales Contract TemplatesOffers a range of templates for sales contracts, supply agreements, and terms of sale to ensure clear and enforceable terms.
  2. HubSpot CRM A free CRM tool that helps manage customer relationships, track interactions, and streamline sales processes with additional paid-for upgrades.


  1. Negotiate Anything” by Kwame ChristianThis podcast provides practical negotiation tips and strategies. Kwame Christian, a negotiation expert, covers a wide range of topics from business negotiations to personal conflict resolution, featuring interviews with professionals and experts in the field.
  2. “The Negotiation Ninja Podcast” by Mark RaffanFocuses on improving negotiation skills through interviews with negotiation experts and thought leaders. The podcast covers various aspects of negotiation, including sales, procurement, and conflict resolution.
  3. “The Persuasion Lab” by Martin MedeirosThis podcast explores negotiation and persuasion tactics, providing insights into the psychology behind successful negotiations. It includes practical tips and real-world examples
  4. “The Art of Charm”While not exclusively about negotiation, this podcast covers related topics such as influence, persuasion, and interpersonal communication, all of which are crucial for effective negotiation.