Preparing for sale or acquisition

Here, we focus on equipping business owners with essential knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of selling or acquiring a business. Whether you’re considering putting your company on the market or aiming to acquire another entity to bolster your position, preparation is key to a successful transaction. This section offers basic exit tips, strategic planning guides, and case studies to help you understand valuation methods and negotiate effectively.


  1. UK – “Selling your business”Offers guidance on the steps to take when selling a business, including valuing your business, finding a buyer, and the legal process.
  2. BDO LLP – “Guide to selling your business”This guide covers the key considerations for preparing a business for sale, including financial health, operational efficiency, and maximizing value.
  3. Grant Thornton – “Guide to Selling Your Business”Offers a comprehensive overview of the sale process, including preparation, valuation, finding buyers, and negotiation strategies.
  4. PwC – “Selling a Private Company: The Owner’s Manual”A detailed manual on preparing a private company for sale, covering financial, legal, and operational readiness.


  1. “Exit Strategy Playbook” – Explore the universe of potential buyers. Learn how to assemble a team of expert advisors to prepare your business for sale. Walk step by step through a typical investment-banker-led midmarket sale process from start to finish.
  2. “Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies”A comprehensive guide that covers the M&A process from both the buy and sell side, including preparing for sale, valuing your business, and closing the deal.


  1. Valuation and Deal Structuring ToolA tool that helps businesses understand their valuation and structure deals effectively.


  1. The Exit Strategy Podcast”Although US-based, this podcast provides valuable insights that are applicable globally, including the UK. It focuses on strategies for exiting a business, whether through sale or acquisition.
  2. “Disruptors” by Rob Moore – Covers a wide range of business topics, including how to prepare a business for sale and navigate acquisitions. The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and experts.
  3. “Chat with the Titans” by Gary Henderson – Interviews with some of the most successful people in the world, focussing on those who are effecting lasting, positive change in the world.
  4. “Business Buying Strategies”Dedicated to the topic of buying businesses, this podcast provides valuable insights into the acquisition process, due diligence, and integration post-acquisition.

Additional Resources

  1. Institute of Directors (IoD) -WorkshopsProvides workshops and seminars focused on exit strategy planning, offering practical advice and networking opportunities with experts.
  2. British Business Bank – Financial Support and GuidanceOffers information on financing options, including loans and grants that can support business operations during the sale process.