Procurement and vendor relations

Strong vendor relations are crucial for ensuring you get the best possible value from your suppliers. It fosters collaboration and transparency, leading to reliable deliveries, high-quality products/services, and potentially better pricing over time.




  1. Supplier Relationship Management: How to Maximize Vendor Value and Opportunity by Stephen Easton– This book emphasizes the importance of building strategic partnerships with key vendors. It explores strategies for collaboration, joint planning, and risk management to achieve mutual benefits for both your organization and the vendor.
  2. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton – This negotiation classic explores the concept of “win-win” negotiation and provides frameworks for reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Effective negotiation is crucial in establishing strong vendor relationships.
  3. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success in Business and Life by Keith Ferrazzi – This book emphasizes the importance of building relationships for professional success. While not specific to vendor relations, the concepts of relationship building and effective communication can be applied to strengthen your connections with vendors.
  4. Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success Through Honest Communication by Susan Scott – This book explores different communication styles and provides tools for having difficult conversations. Effective communication is essential for fostering open and honest relationships with vendors, allowing for better collaboration and problem-solving.




  1. The Importance of Building Strong Supplier Relationships – This article from Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of fostering strong vendor relationships. It explores the benefits of collaboration, trust, and open communication in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.
  2. 5 Ways to Build Stronger Relationships with Your Vendors – This Forbes article offers practical tips for strengthening vendor relationships. It emphasizes clear communication, setting expectations, and demonstrating appreciation to build trust and collaboration
  3. Negotiating Win-Win Vendor Contracts – This article from Supply Chain Management Review delves into the importance of effective negotiation when establishing contracts with vendors. It provides strategies for achieving balanced agreements that protect both parties’ interests.
  4. The Art of Supplier Management: Negotiation and Collaboration – While from a financial service perspective, this article from American Express offers insights into supplier management, including negotiation and collaboration. It emphasises the importance of aligning objectives with suppliers to create long-term value.
  5. How to Manage Supplier Risk in a Globalized World – This article from McKinsey & Company explores managing supplier risk in a globalized environment. It provides strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential disruptions or challenges associated with vendors.
  6. Optimizing Your Supply Chain Through Vendor Collaboration – This article from Entrepreneur highlights the benefits of vendor collaboration in optimizing your supply chain. It emphasizes open communication, information sharing, and joint planning to improve efficiency and reduce risks.




  1. A Complete Guide to Supplier Relationship Management – This comprehensive guide provides a foundational understanding of SRM principles. It covers topics like supplier segmentation, performance measurement, and strategies for building stronger relationships with your vendors.
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Supplier Relationship Management (2024) by Shopify UK – This guide offers a high-level overview of SRM practices, with a focus on setting clear objectives, establishing communication channels, and collaborating with suppliers for mutual benefit.
  3. Supplier Relationship Management: Guide & Expert Tips by – This practical guide emphasizes key actions you can take to improve your vendor relationships. It highlights the importance of clear communication, performance reviews, and developing a win-win mindset for successful partnerships.
  4. Institute for Supply Management (ISM) – The ISM, a professional association for supply chain professionals, offers a variety of resources on SRM, including certifications, training programs, and research reports. While some resources require membership, they also offer free content like articles and webinars to get you started.
  5. Gartner Supply Chain Management Reports – Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, provides in-depth reports and insights on various aspects of supply chain management, including SRM. While access to full reports often requires a subscription, they offer free previews and research summaries to gain valuable knowledge.




  1. Art of Procurement Podcast hosted by Philip Ideson – This podcast features interviews with procurement and supply chain experts who discuss various aspects of the field, including SRM. They cover topics like supplier selection, negotiation strategies, and building strong vendor relationships.
  2. Supply Chain Revolution Podcast – This podcast explores trends and innovations in the supply chain industry. While not solely focused on SRM, it frequently features episodes on topics relevant to vendor relationships, such as risk management, collaboration strategies, and supply chain resilience.
  3. The Procurement Show – This podcast offers insights and practical tips for procurement professionals. It explores various subjects related to SRM, including negotiation techniques, supplier performance management, and building trust with vendors.
  4. The Future of Supply Chain – This podcast explores how technology and innovation are shaping the future of supply chains. Episodes often discuss topics relevant to SRM, like collaborative planning, supplier integration, and leveraging technology to strengthen vendor relationships.
  5. Supply Chain Now Podcast – This podcast features interviews with supply chain leaders who share their insights and experiences. Discussions frequently touch on strategies for fostering collaboration and innovation with suppliers, key aspects of successful SRM.




  1. Ivalua – Offers a cloud-based SRM platform with advanced SPM capabilities, including risk management, supplier scorecards, and supplier development tools.
  2. Proactis – Provides supplier management software with features for performance tracking, risk assessment, supplier collaboration, and spend analysis.
  3. MediusFlow – A cloud-based platform for managing the supplier lifecycle, with features for performance monitoring and collaboration tools.
  4. DocuSignAn electronic signature platform that can be used to manage contracts with vendors electronically, streamlining the signing process, tracking versions, and ensuring secure storage.
  5. SlackA popular communication platform used for real-time communication and collaboration with vendors, with features like file sharing and channel organization.


Overall, a well-functioning procurement and vendor relations system can significantly improve your organization’s bottom line and overall operational efficiency. By focusing on strategic sourcing, efficient processes, and building strong relationships with vendors, you can ensure you have the resources you need to succeed.