Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Strategic partnerships and collaborations are incredibly powerful tools for businesses to expand their reach, leverage complementary strengths and unlock new opportunities. However, forging the most successful partnerships requires a thoughtful approach.

The below resources provide insight to help businesses harness the full potential of strategic partnerships and collaborations.


  1. The Partnership Economy: How Modern Businesses Find New Customers, Grow Revenue, and Deliver Exceptional Experiences by David A. Yovanno – Using real-life examples from well-known brands such as Fabletics, Target, Ticketmaster, Walmart and more, this book offers practical frameworks on how to unlock the value of modern partnerships.
  2. The Partnership Principle: A 180-day guide for Revenue Leaders to accelerate growth through collaboration by Matt Bray – The Partnership Principle is a best-practices practical guide for revenue leaders in software, and scenario-planning a partnerships strategy to drive indirect revenue — either building from scratch or refining ones in play.
  3. Partnernomics: The Art, Science, and Processes of Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships by Mark Brigman – Partnernomics not only brilliantly illustrates the unique benefits that business relationships bring, but also provides a clear framework for managing and leading partnerships to success.


  1. A Guide to Scaling Business Partnerships by Clutch – Strategic partnerships have always been essential to strengthening an organization and accelerating business growth. Here’s a detailed guide to help you scale your business partnerships.


  1. Building Success Together: The Power Of Strategic Partnerships In Business by Forbes – Nathan Carlisle shares his personal experiences of strategic partnerships and the lessons he’s learned along the way.
  2. How Strategic Partnerships Can Better Help Your Business Diversify Its Revenue by Forbes – When it comes to driving revenue for your business, diversification can be a powerful tool, helping your brand account for changing customer preferences to strengthen your own position in your niche. This article details how you can use strategic partnerships to diversify your revenue.
  3. Improving the management of complex business partnerships by McKinsey & Company – Adhering to the four key principles outlined in this article can help companies increase the odds that their collaborations will create more value over their life cycles.


  1. Partnership Unpacked by Mike Allton – Partnership Unpacked is your go-to guide to growing your business through partnerships quickly.
  2. The Growth Show by Hubspot – It’s never been easier to start a business, but it’s never been harder to succeed. Each episode of The Growth Show explores the inspiring stories behind how people grow a business, an idea or a movement.
  3. Partner Relationship Management (PRM): The Ultimate Channel Sales & Partnerships Podcast by Magentrix – This podcast shares channel management insights on how to navigate partnerships, support your partners, identify weak areas of your partner strategy, discuss the latest industry trends and reports, and more.

The resources compiled in this article highlight the potential of strategic partnerships and collaborations as catalysts for innovation, market expansion and sustainable business growth.