Succession planning

Succession planning is vital to ensuring the continuity and longevity of your business. Whether you’re preparing to hand over the reins to a family member, a key employee, or a new owner, planning for the future leadership of your company is crucial. Here we provide insights and resources on developing a robust succession plan whether for that aligns with your business goals and personal values.

Explore our resources to understand the key elements of effective succession planning, from selecting and preparing successors to managing the transfer of power smoothly and sustainably.


  1. KPMG’s Family Business Services – Offers tailored advisory services for family-owned businesses, including succession planning. Their expertise can be particularly beneficial for founders looking to keep the business within the family.
  2. PwC’s NextGen Education and Networking – Provides education and networking opportunities for the next generation of company leaders, including those stepping up as part of a succession plan.
  3. Deloitte’s Succession Planning Services – Offers comprehensive succession planning services that help businesses ensure continuity in leadership roles.
  4. Institute of Directors (IoD) – Provides extensive guidance, training, and resources on leadership development and succession planning. Their workshops and seminars can be invaluable for founders looking to prepare their succession strategy.
  5. CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) – Offers resources and courses on strategic HR management which include succession planning, helping founders ensure that they have the right leadership pipeline in place.


  1. Sage – Succession Planning
  2. SimplyDocs – Business Succession Planning Templates
  3. Institute of Directors (IoD) Workshops
  4. The Business Growth Hub – Succession Planning Resources