Webinar | How to write a Profitable Digital Marketing strategy

In her final webinar of the series, Jane Slimming (Founder, Zeal) will explain how to write a profitable digital marketing strategy and tell you more about how:

– To increase profitability
– To give a clear competitive advantage
– Enable a better risk tolerance
– Create more loyal customers
– Achieve a higher company valuation
– A great sense of direction

Jane Slimming founded Zeal in 2010 following a 7 year career working at some of the UK’s largest media buying agencies. She has grown Zeal into a £2m+ turnover agency employing 30+ staff and offering clients a range of services in the creative, tech and marketing space. Zeal works solely with start-up and scale-ups helping them achieve ambitious growth plans both with the services Zeal offer and by allowing them access to the Zeal Connect network. Jane is passionate about helping businesses scale quickly into household brands and Zeal has a proven track record of achieving this for clients across numerous industries