WEBINAR: Your website; How to build a commercial advantage

Are you proud of your company website? Does it tell your story as well as you tell it yourself? Does it generate a steady stream of quality leads?

In such challenging times our digital presence has never been more fundamental to success. Whether you’re an ambitious start-up with a disruptive vision or an established business moving towards your next infliction point, this webinar will change the way you think about digital.

Andy Brennan is the Digital Director at 438 Marketing and discusses a range of topics including:

1. Objectively assess where your site is now
2. Identify what needs to be done
3. Plan and prioritise the actions
4. Make significant progress without spending a fortune
5. Stay ahead once you’ve got ahead

A website upgrade doesn’t always mean ripping everything up and starting again. Using his 20+ years of experience managing website projects, Andy will show you how to recognise the right path forward and take the first step.