The Mercia Platform

Mercia’s Platform crosses four disciplines which we see as key to delivering growth and helping management teams to really scale their businesses.

Corporate Advisory

Here we work with the management teams to build out successful funding rounds. Depending on the circumstances this can either be a lead role, where Mercia does all the heavy lifting, or it could be a much lighter touch where we make introductions to suitable potential co-investors.

Legal Services

Our in-house legal services support internal investments in an efficient and cost sensitive manner as well as potentially supporting portfolio directly.


Our research function is where we verify all our great ideas with data. It can vary from research support and analysis for the Executive Board through to helping to assess opportunities and emerging market trends for the businesses in which we invest.


Mercia’s network enables us to quickly and efficiently identify great people to join our portfolio businesses to support them along their journey. As one of the most active investors in the UK regions we’re always interested in meeting successful Non-Executive Directors, Chairs, Finance Directors (including part-time) to join our network. If you would like to know more, please visit the Mercia Networks page. If think you have something to offer then please do email or call 0330 223 1430 as we would love to hear from you.