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Crowd Reactive launches EventsTag service for care homes

Crowd Reactive Ltd, a user-generated content platform for events and venues, has launched a new service for the elderly care community as part its existing software, EventsTag. To celebrate the launch, it has offered a free installation to ten care homes across the country.

EventsTag encourages friends and family members to post messages and photos through their personal social media accounts using a specific hashtag assigned to the care home. These messages and images are then displayed on a screen in the home, allowing the residents to feel more involved and connected to their loved one, without having to figure out how to use the technology themselves.

The Holly House Care Home in Bush Park, Enfield, will be the first care home to benefit from free installation of the software.

EventsTag, one of three core services offered by Crowd Reactive, is a unique social media platform that allows events of all sizes to display the social posts around their event on a live digital installation. This acts as excellent on-the-day entertainment and greatly increases social media presence for events.

The team at EventsTag ensure each event or institution has a bespoke and appropriate installation. This can be delivered by displaying content in a practical way, such as a familiar TV frame for a care home, or in a more show-stopping installation for one-off events for big brands.

Speaking from the Holly House Care Home, Crowd Reactive CEO Dan Strang (pictured) said:

“We have been providing bespoke digital slideshows for major events for a number of years, but our ambition has always been to promote and expand the benefit of social media beyond those who regularly use Twitter and Facebook.

“With an ageing population and families living further apart from each other, we know that there is a growing demand for alternative ways for family members and friends to keep in touch. EventsTag for Care Homes allows the elderly to enjoy greetings from their friends or pictures of their grandchildren on holiday, without having to grapple with complicated smartphones or the Internet.”

The Managing Director of Holly House said:

“Technology is often overwhelming for our residents to use and enjoy themselves, which is entirely understandable. However, we know that they may be missing out on pictures and videos so readily shared by younger family members. The new screen in our day room is a fantastic way to overcome this. We have had so much enjoyment out of it already, as residents wait in anticipation for lovely updates from their nearest and dearest”.

For more information on EventsTag, click here, or visit the Crowd Reactive website.