Drugs, development and discovery: Why the competition isn’t a patch on Medherant.

Medherant is coming along in leaps and bounds since it received its first investment from Mercia Fund Management last June, garnering a lot of attention from the national press, such as this article for the Daily Mail in December.

The simple technology has the capacity to work across a number of different types of drugs, from analgesics to anti-infectives and hormones, delivering the drug in a higher dose directly to the area where it is needed via a comfortable and easy to use patch. The fact that the gut is not required to digest any part of the drug also means it can bypass potential complications with toxicity or destruction of the drug during the digestive process.

In the February edition of Mednous, a publication of Evernow Publishing Ltd, Investment Director and Head of Technology Transfer Dr Nicola Broughton features alongside Medherant CEO Nigel Davis to discuss the amazing potential of this technology, and how Mercia is using its enviable deal flow pipeline via its 14 university partners to support spinouts across the Midlands, the North and Scotland.

To download the full article, click here The interview with Nicola and Nigel can be found on page ten.

To find out more about Medherant, and to see their patches in action, watch this video: