Armadillo has invented an electroplating bath additive that forms regular and well-dispersed deposits within the metal coating matrix. The additive comprises nano-containers carrying functional molecules that release under corrosive and erosive conditions to protect an entire metallic coating, right down to the substrate. Armadillo products are manufactured using non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials.

Mercia’s EIS fund principal Peter Dines discusses with Dr. Paul Mattick the recent sale of a portfolio company for 8x cost of investment.

The pair also discussed:

– The Mercia groups investment model
– Our EIS is a venture capital investment with downside protection
– This exit illustrates the potential when investing with Mercia

Dr. Paul Mattick, Mercia‘s Head of Sales and Private Investor Relations, discusses how diversification and repeat investment impacts performance:

– Mercia creates the most diverse EIS fund in the market
– Diversification is important when investing in high-risk companies, to limit exposure to companies which will fail
– Repeat investment enhances exposure to our winners
– Our Investor Centre provides all our reporting, including tax certificates

Software business providing service to enable convenience items to be delivered to your door within 30 to 60 mins.

SleepCogni has been awarded a third round of funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK in the form of a continuity grant. The funding will be used to pivot its existing, patented insomnia therapy device onto an online platform in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The grant will enable SleepCogni to expedite its vision for a virtual care pathway which combines a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) biofeedback device with real-time analytics; enabling clinicians to diagnose and treat sleep disorders remotely. Data visualisations and dashboards will support clinicians and therapists in the evaluation, management and personalisation of their relationship with patients, which will also remove geographical barriers to the delivery of care.

The pandemic has led to rapid adoption of virtual care and remote monitoring technology, helping patients and physicians stay connected whilst avoiding physical contact. In addition, Covid-19 has, for several reasons, pushed and in some cases, forced consumers to manage their own health and wellbeing via online resources and apps.

Since inception, SleepCogni has formed exciting collaborations with several organisations, including two prestigious universities and world-leading CBT-I specialists. To support this next phase of development, SleepCogni will collaborate with DareData Engineering and Amazon’s AWS Activate program to deliver cloud-based data collection, processing, analysis and visualisation.

This Innovate UK award, combined with an additional financial injection totals a six figure sum investment in the business over the last month. This follows on from SleepCogni’s ‘Biocatalyst grant funding’ award in September 2019 for its large-scale clinical trials in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University.

It is anticipated that this development will build on recent international recognition with SleepCogni being shortlisted for two highly coveted awards at the CogX Global Leadership Summit & Festival of AI & Emerging Technologies.

  • Good Health and Well-Being Award
  • Best Innovation in Diagnostics

Richard Mills CEO of SleepCogni says:

“This grant will allow us to rapidly pivot in order to meet the demand of the new world of virtual care and remote monitoring. We’re passionate about improving the patient experience and to this end, our focus will be on ensuring patients feel engaged and informed throughout the identification, assessment and management process by providing access to their physiological data – levelling out the information exchange and knowledge sharing between clinician and patient.

“We selected DareData as data partner because of their capability and experience in understanding physiological data. Their expertise will support the build of a robust, scalable and secure data infrastructure platform”.

Sam Hopkins, Co-Founder and Senior Data Engineer & Scientist at DareData Engineering;

“We are excited to assist in architecting the data infrastructure for SleepCogni’s unique wearable device. The number and granularity of the data streams that need to be gathered, processed, analysed, and turned into actionable information provide the type of rare technical challenge that we thrive on.

“DareData is committed to delivering a state-of-the-art technical solution built on top of Amazon AWS and Snowflake Data Warehouse. These technologies will provide us with everything that is required to safely encrypt, store, anonymise, and analyse the plethora of sensor data that is required to make a real difference in a person’s life”.

SaaS enterprise software for rebate management.

nDreams is is a developer and publisher of content for virtual reality (VR) platforms.

Wallet Services’ enterprise platform helps businesses and government organisations to collaborate more efficiently and in ways that have not been possible before with the latest in secure data sharing technology.

Warwick Acoustics designs audio systems that deliver premium listening experiences to the audiophile headphone and automotive markets.

Ventive has developed a new range of award winning passive heat recovery ventilation products to improve the energy efficiency of homes and commercial buildings.