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The Link App launches new and improved product for the legal communication revolution

The Link App, a revolutionary tool for law firms, which provides fast and effective ways of communicating with their clients, has received an exciting upgrade. The five products that make up its communication platform, including the mobile app for clients, have been updated with the aim of improving the interaction between law firms and clients on every level.

The latest update challenges the status quo. This innovative technology for the legal sector allows clients to not only to receive messages and updates on their cases, but also enables them to respond back in a matter of seconds. The feature-filled alternative to emails now comes packed with even more features with the latest release including: milestones, two-way communication and the client’s ability to upload documents straight from their phone.

The business, which is backed by Mercia Fund Managers, is now four years old and its product has some interesting stats of its own; 20% of notifications sent from law firms are read by their clients within the first 60 seconds – evidence that this type of client engagement could help to transform traditional timeframes for completing cases.

One of the most significant changes The Link App makes to the legal profession is to provide an element of transparency for clients. Firms that haven’t embraced the technology are essentially gatekeeping the basic information that a client would want to know. It is a well-known fact that most clients are not necessarily familiar with the processes of the profession and will usually demand constant updates on a case. The Link App solves this by providing customisable case milestones that are then available for clients to view at any time from their smartphone or web portal. For firms that are comfortable with this level of automation, it is possible to send these without even pushing a button. While for firms that prefer more control, they can be manually updated within seconds. Around 85% of people prefer to communicate via an app in comparison to online methods, according to recent research from Mobile Marketer.

Lauren Riley, The Link App CEO and former solicitor, said: “I am so proud of our team for the incredible energy and dedication they have put into bringing this new and improved version of The Link App to life. We have put all the knowledge gathered over the last four intense but incredible years into this release, having had so much learning from our early law firm users – thank you to them. New features and improved user interfaces dominate this release. We are dedicated to solving the key pain point of client communication and I can’t wait to see Version 2.0 of The Link App rolled out to the sector, it is a very exciting time indeed!”