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MFM featured in Growth Business on the need to increase the SEIS threshold

Mercia Fund Management’s recent article for Growth Business on Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) highlighted the need for more support for start-ups. It notes that whilst the initial SEIS funding of £150,000 can help start-ups in the early stages, this ‘threshold is not enough’ and more is needed both in terms of follow-on funding and strategic business support for success.

The article goes on to state that whilst SEIS is helping business growth for start-ups in their early stages, more needs to be done if chancellor George Osborne is serious about ‘backing British business all the way’. Mercia Fund Management is cited as championing the needs of start-ups both by calling for an increase in the level of tax-efficient seed funding from £150,000 to £250,000, and in addition to follow-on capital, providing start-ups with business guidance over the medium to long term which will see them thrive.

Mercia Fund Management’s expertise in this area is highlighted in the piece which details some of its portfolio of dynamic start-ups – LM Technologies, Warwick Audio Technologies Polytherics, The Native Antigen Company and Ventive –all have benefitted from Mercia Growth Funds.

Mercia GrowthFunds offer initial SEIS investment, with an option to benefit from follow-on medium to long term EIS funding, with an investment partner who can offer the business expertise required to accelerate growth.

The article concludes with details of Mercia Fund Management’s newly launched – Mercia Growth Fund 3 – which is tailored to offer this much needed combination of funding and business assistance for aspiring revenue-driven businesses within the technology sector. To find out more about Mercia Growth Fund 3 go to:

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