Mercia EIS Funds

National newspapers cover Mercia SEIS Fund

Mercia Fund Management has been in the spotlight in the UK press recently with articles in the Financial Times and The Sunday Times.

In an article in The Sunday Times on 30 September 2012, “Spotlight on tax saving schemes”, Mercia Fund Management’s Growth Fund was highlighted as a good example for tax efficient saving.

“Mercia Fund Management, which launched one of the first funds investing in seed enterprise investment schemes (SEISs), said investors were willing to take on greater risks for the more generous tax breaks. SEIS qualifying companies offer relief at 50%.

Mercia said 60% of funds received since the August launch of its Growth fund, which allows investment in both EIS and SEIS companies, had been for the SEIS element.”

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Mercia Fund Management was also mentioned in an article in the on 14 October and in the Financial Times on 15 October entitled “Midlands universities win R&D funding”. This article discusses university spinouts and the research funding recently received. Mark Payton was quoted:

“I know of someone who sold a piece of art and invested in early stage,” says Mark Payton, managing director of the Mercia Fund, which works with eight of the region’s universities – Birmingham, Warwick, Birmingham City, Aston, Coventry, Staffordshire, Keele, and Wolverhampton.

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Mercia Fund Management also received a mention In the Sunday Times on 30 October 2012, “Investors snub start-up schemes”. This article discusses Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed EIS. The article mentions the Mercia Growth Fund:

“Mercia Fund Management was the first to launch a fund investing in SEISs, called the Mercia Growth Fund. It closes on Wednesday.”

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