Preliminary results presentation 2022

“I am pleased to share a set of results that showcase the strength and maturity of Mercia and its business model. The significant success that we have seen during the last two financial years, and our positive future prospects, have been made possible by the combined efforts of everyone connected with Mercia.”

Dr Mark Payton, CEO

“Our #OneMercia culture is the glue which binds together all of our collective and individual aspirations.”

Dr Mark Payton, CEO


For the year as a whole, Mercia recorded fair value uplifts in 10 of our direct investments, the largest being £6.7million for nDreams Ltd.

The virtual reality market has grown significantly against a backdrop of greater hardware penetration at affordable prices and renewed investment impetus by Oculus, Sony and others. nDreams completed a number of important steps in its development with new game releases and its push into third-party publishing.

Watch our exclusive interview with nDreams’ Founder and CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh.


Intechnica Group Ltd saw strong progress with a fair value uplift of £2.9million.

After raising £8.5million from new and existing investors in December 2021, Manchester-based Intechnica recently completed the demerger of its exciting bot management cyber security business, Netacea. Mercia now holds stakes in both growing businesses, equal in value to its pre-demerger holding value.

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Warwick Acoustics

Mercia has seen accelerating commercial interaction and developments across our Deep Tech and Manufacturing assets, in particular Warwick Acoustics Ltd.

Midlands-based Warwick Acoustics is engaged in discussions with a wide variety of automotive original equipment manufacturers and has successfully demonstrated its electrostatic acoustic panel technology within a premium marque vehicle for a globally recognised car brand.

The technology was positively profiled by Autocar magazine earlier this year with the listening experience described as “astounding”.

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