b'08 Mercia asset Management PLc Annual Report and Accounts 2021At a glanceFrom originationto exit, our numbers stack upBalance sheet Venture Private equityUp to 10m 100k10m Up to 10mWe have created a shadow portfolio withinFrom proof-of-concept to scale-up, we areWe take a hands-on approach engaging our managed funds tracking businessesclosing the funding gap in the regions,with our portfolio to understand what looking for Series A capital and rapiddemonstrated by our track record of capitalcapital solutions these profitable growth. Our disciplined use of the balanceinvestment into local businesses. Ourbusinesses need when seeking to sheet to make strategic investments,investment capital and applied advice fueltransition. From buyouts to buy-ins, aligned with our platform, are at the core ofemerging sectors and support growth incash-outs to growth capital, we work our ambitions. Our partnership approachentrepreneurial companies that want towith businesses to provide investment and integrated investment practices deliverbuild strong, sustainable businesses in thethat supports a focused equity shareholder and investor value. Theregions. We work closely with our portfoliovalue-creation plan that allows these average holding period of our directthat shares our ambitions, aligned to theregional SMEs to achieve their potential.investments is three years with ansustainable agenda as it expands.expectation that investments will be realised in three to seven years.54.7m c.600m c.54mUnrestricted cash FuM FuMsee more on p34 see more on p36 to 39 see more on p40'