b'Mercia asset Management PLc23Annual Report and Accounts 2021Shareholders andOur investees s172 statementfund investors During the reporting period, we haveOutcomes of long-term decisionsworked progressively with our portfoliosThe Group understands that in setting outMercia firmly adheres to the requirementto ensure that we provide them with theto deliver on its new strategy, Mercia 20:20,to provide stakeholders with timely andit needs to recognise that this has to be capital and support required to assailachieved with a focus on responsible accurate regulatory and non-regulatorywhat was a volatile commercialinvestment.information through the formal channels.environment for many. The success ofsee p11This year, we have offered additionalthese portfolios in navigating the proactive outreach to provide visibilitypandemic, and in many instances leverage and broaden stakeholder exposure to athe unintended opportunities to theirLooking out for our employeesrange of our portfolio businesses and theadvantage, pays homage to the agility,The Directors recognise that Mercia investment team. We also focused on theemployees are fundamental and core totenacity and strength of these thrivingthe business and delivery of its strategic core concerns of our shareholders aroundregional businesses and the managementambitions. The success of our business sustainable investment performance. teams that lead them. depends on attracting, retaining and caringfor our entire team.How we engage How we engage see p24Due to the restrictions enforced by theOur Complete Connected Capital providesCreating business relationshipspandemic, Mercia migrated its meetings,bespoke capital solutions for ourMutually beneficial relationships with seminars and presentations online andportfolio, but equally, we also ensuredshareholders, investors, investees, partners included extensive Q&A sessions to ensurethat our Founders, CEOs and NXDs hadand suppliers are critical in delivering Mercias that these events embraced two-wayaccess to our applied knowledge as well asstrategy and these are all developed withinStrategic reportthe framework of our values. communication. If time did not allow allthe learnings and information-share from questions to be addressed, writtenboth subject experts and other portfoliosee p26answers were provided later to allleaders and decision makers:attendees. Utilising Zoom extensively, theAn extensive programme of webinarsImpact of key company decisionsGroup was able to offer a range of eventsand panel discussions on a range ofThis aspect is most notably inherent in ourGovernance Financial statementsambitions to provide growth capital to and communication: business, geopolitical and pandemicthriving businesses in the regions, with a focus Mercia Executives regularly presentedsubject matter were offered to all on the ESG factors that will underpin being a at and participated in virtualwidely publicised and shared viaresponsible business. shareholder and investor events,emails, Slack channels and newsletters see p20including mini Capital Market Days forFrequent newsletters to the portfolios Mercia Asset Management PLC as wellleaders and NXD network updatedMaintaining high standardsas seminars for its managed funds; EISthese audiences with the progress ofMercia aims to manage all its business and the Northern VCTs. These eventsthe Group, portfolio successes anddealings in alignment with its values. Every employee at Mercia is monitored and were well-attended, manyrelevant subject matter that could haverewarded on these values to ensure continued stakeholders preferring the digitala positive impact improvement is enabled for all.format. All recordings were madeChair Summits to provide knowledge-available on the Mercia website share and progressive discussionsee p63A quarterly PLC newsletter, Thebetween the NXDs were offered and Insight, was launched to provideincluded thought leaders as part of Acting fairlyadditional updates about Mercia andthe programmes The Directors always weigh up all the relevant factors before taking any decision affecting the portfolios. These updates includedThe Insight, Mercias PLC newsletter,the delivery of Mercias strategy in the video interviews with portfolio Chiefwas also shared with all investees long-term, taking into consideration the Executive Officers (CEOs) fromSeminars that were presented byimpact on stakeholders.various companies as well as panelMercias Executives and other portfoliosee p63discussions that were either sector orbusiness leaders included The issue-specific Portfolio Review, VCT Digital SeminarOur employees are our most valuable Regular meetings with institutionaland Mercias Virtual Shareholderasset. Located across 8 regional investors, both shareholders andEvent. This ensured that all portfoliolocations, it is each individuals non-shareholders, continued andleaders were fully informed on allexperience, knowledge and specific members of the senior teamaspects of Mercia skills that makes #OneMercia uniquely participated in industry conferencesRegular insight articles, interviews andpositioned to drive economic growth and workshops share-of-voice commentary werein the regions. The teams inherent Digital outreach, including frequentfrequently shared across all of Merciasunderstanding of local investment short video updates from portfoliodigital channels and are curated forneeds make Mercia one of the UKs CEOs and NXDs, aligned to theease of access on the newly expandedmost important domestic investors. regulatory news stories, providedsection of Mercias website, The Hub The passion, dedication and abilities added depth to the news flow. This The portfolio NPS improved by +18that our team bring to bear in was further supplemented with keyyear-on-year. supporting SMEs to achieve their interviews about exits and progress potential is fundamental to the growth of the portfolio. Mercia achieved this year.'