b'22 Mercia asset Management PLc Annual Report and Accounts 2021Responsible business continuedEngaging with our stakeholders(Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 s172)When our employees are performing their duty toOur people 40% of the team are active users of the promote the success ofHeadspace meditation app and this is supplemented by a range of webinars Mercia, the interests of all ourThe strength of our employees has in around mindfulness, resilience and no better way been demonstrated thanstakeholders who will havein their conduct and resilience duringphysical healthHealth & Safety has remained a key an impact on the longer-termCOVID-19. Their care for each other andfocus due to COVID-19, including Mercia Mercias external stakeholders is most success of the company arevalued by the Directors and we areproviding COVID-19 testing for considered. delighted to see the team grow to c.100. employees and families.We provide frequent and transparent This s172 statement explains how MerciaHow we engage communication through:directors: We invest in training, coaching and skillsWeekly all hands Zoom meetings led have engaged with employees,acquisition. Continued development ofby the CEO, bi-yearly State-of-the-shareholders, fund investors, investeeour employees is a key pillar of the GroupsBusiness meetings for the entire team companies and others; and strategy and this is achieved by eventsand more regionally focused meetings have considered employee interests assuch as: when the CEO communicates with the well as our business relationships withbi-monthly equity team training, teams across the local officessuppliers, customers and others, whenWhat We Do days, Slack communities,Informal engagement is supported by taking decisions during the financialwebinars; andbi-weekly newsletters and Away Days year.bespoke training crafted to the needswhen the Company can spend quality identified in each persons professionaltime just having some fun togetherFundamentally, Mercia can demonstratedevelopment review. Our book club, The Bookery, as well as how aligned it is with the principles of s172other group activities are appreciated through its business model and howWe aim to be a responsible employer inby the team with active sharing of persuasive our values are in informing ourour approach to the benefits afforded toideas, commentary and feedback engagement with our stakeholders.employees and, importantly, the health,contributed to Mercias various Slack safety and wellbeing of our team: communities on a regular basis.Mercia Heart is a Group-wide initiative to foster goodwill and support teamthe Board is pleased to share that the motivation through a series of novelemployee net Promoter score (nPs) gifts and outreach activityhas gone from +28 to +46.Mercia offers a comprehensive employee benefits package, including access to an Employee Assistance Programme and weekly counselling service for employees and immediate family members'