b'116 Mercia Asset Management PLC Annual Report and Accounts 2021Notes to the Company financial statements continued42. Trade and other payablesas at As at31 March 31 March2021 2020000 000Trade payables 138 164Accruals and deferred income 715 894853 1,05843. Lease liabilitiesThe Company has no lease liabilities in respect of leases committed to but not yet commenced.The table below summarises the lease costs charged to the income statement during the current and prior years.Year ended Year ended31 March 31 March2021 2020000 000Depreciation expense 105 105Interest expense 20 25Low-value lease expense 29 16Short-term lease expense 60 39The maturity profile of the Companys IFRS 16 leases is set out in the table below.as at As at31 March 31 March2021 2020000 000Due within one year 122 117Due between one and five years 351 473473 59044. Issued share capital and share premiumThe movements in issued share capital and share premium are disclosed in notes 26 and 27 to the consolidated financial statements.45. Other distributable reserveThe movements in other distributable reserve are disclosed in note 28 to the consolidated financial statements.46. Directors emoluments and employee informationThe average monthly number of persons (including Executive and Non-executive Directors) employed by the Company during the year was:Year ended Year ended31 March 31 March2021 2020number NumberCentral functions 10 9Central functions comprise senior management (including Executive and Non-executive Directors), finance, compliance, legal, administration, people and talent and marketing.'