b'Mercia asset Management PLc21Annual Report and Accounts 2021The more a company can share The policies have been shared with all employees at Mercia supported by a its purpose in delivering value series of internal training sessions and aligned webinars demonstrating to employees, customers, andthrough use cases the application and communities, the better able thatimpact of these policies. company will be to compete and deliver long-term durable profitsfor shareholders. Jill Williams, investment directorOur ESG policies have been designed by the committee that is representativeResponsibleStrategic reportof all divisions and teams within the Group, supported by a route map that ensures that achieving our goals has realistic and timely deadlines and will beInvestment readily adopted by all Mercia employees. This route map encompasses our values, using these as building blocks: Committee esg route map: Governance Financial statementsian atkinson1. responsible investor Debt teamalex gwyther2. three guiding principles VCT teamnigel owens3. our own values and culture Direct portfolio teamdr Mark PaytonCEO4. Pre-investment analysis & decisionssandy reidMidlands Engine Investment 5. create value in portfolio companies Fund (MEIF) teamJames slyEIS/VCT team6. report on our progress and activitiesthea tebbleNorth East Venture Fund (NEVF) team1. Mercia is a responsible3. We apply these guiding5. We consider esg- Jill Williamsinvestor principles to our ownrelated risks and 2. We have establishedvalues and culture opportunities to createPrivate Equity teamthree guiding principles4. We incorporate ourvalue in our portfolio inspired by the uns sdgs guiding principles and esgcompanies Mark Wyattrisks and opportunities6. We will report on ourNorthern Powerhouse into our pre-investmentprogress and activities analysis and decisions towards implementingInvestment Fund (NPIF) teamour responsible investment, strategyand practice.'