b'Mercia asset Management PLc09Annual Report and Accounts 2021In the regions,from the regions,to the regions.We have eight regional locationsacross the UK from where our teamcan be based.11 2 3newcastle Preston Leeds2 34 4 5 65Manchester sheffield nottingham67 87 Henley-in-arden London strategic report8Governance Financial statementsDebt total invested 100k1m 2021Often the most viable solution for SMEs that need flexibility of terms from a financing structure, these funds became even more relevant as companies aim to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.Balance sheetVenture 2458Mercia is a specialist in providing structured lending solutions adapted to the specific requirements of these SMEs including buyouts, replacement capital and equity preservation, often workingPortfolio23Portfolio alongside Mercias other funds as part ofInvested15.4m Investedc.56m Regionalthe Complete Connected Capital model. Private equitydebt locationsPortfolio8 Portfolio150Invested0.8m Invested16.8mc.110m total portfolio c.100FuMEmployeessee more on p42'