b'Mercia asset Management PLc01Annual Report and Accounts 2021Mercia by numbersc.940mAssets under Management (AuM)2020: c.800m19.2m 3.3m 34.5m* *Revenue Adjusted operating profit Profit after tax Strategic report2020: c.12.7m 2020: 0.5m 2020: 17.5m loss0.3pence/share 176.0m 40.0 pence Governance Financial statementsProposed final dividend Net assets Net assets per share2020: Nil 2020: 141.5m 2020: 32.1 pence10 17 314.0mProfitable exits Shadow portfolio companies Total liquidity2020: 5 2020: c.320m*Excluding performance fees.Direct investment activity Operational highlights15.4million net invested into 19 portfolio companies duringThird-party Funds under Management (FuM) increased to the year (2020: 15.7million into 18 portfolio companies) c.764million (2020: c.658million) contributing 18.2million in Direct investment portfolio increased to 96.2million (2020:revenue (2020: 11.7million)87.5million) Venture FuM c.600million (2020: c.476million)Four direct investment portfolio exits generatedPrivate equity FuM c.54million (2020: c.60million)20.3million in realised gains (2020: nil) Debt FuM c.110million (2020: c.122million)Fair Value Movements (FVM) 10.1million increase (2020:COVID-19 resilient; no staff were furloughed or made 15.8million decrease). redundant and no direct Government support was utilisedFund management activity Portfolio support, fund administration and investment team built in anticipation of further scale of AuM2,826 enquiries in the year Systems now fully digitalised during the year to enable c.78million of regional equity into 108 companies; efficiency and scale c.17million of regional debt into 65 companies ESG team built with diversity the number one point of focus for 10% of investment in London / South East England, 90% inthe next financial year.other regions of the UK467 jobs created in the year by regional venture.'