Soccer Manager 2016 – Evolution from game to platform

Soccer Manager Ltd, the creator of Soccer Manager 2015, has announced the eagerly anticipated launch date for Soccer Manager 2016 to be October 12th 2015.

The latest release is stocked full of brand new features and enhancements far surpassing the 2015 iteration. “We wanted to develop the Soccer Manager 2016 version as a managerial platform rather than just a game,” said Andy Gore, CEO and Founder of Soccer Manager. “As football fans ourselves we wanted to give our users a wholesome managerial experience. As a result, many of the updates you will find in SM16 spawn from our community.”

The interface re-design has been created in tandem with Soccer Manager’s unique X-PLATFORM technology developed to reflect a user’s day to day experience. With many gaming titles, you must start a new game depending on the device you use. In most cases, this is quite annoying as you would have to start from the beginning. With Soccer Manager’s X-PLATFORM technology users can access their team from any device at any time. “Even if you lose your phone, your team will be there when you log in with your new phone,” added Andy.

Another major update to the 2016 iteration is the ‘Reactive 2D Live Match Environment’. Users can now watch their players in action. As tactics and formations change the players on the pitch will react, allowing the users to watch their strategies being executed in real-time.

As well as additional features, competitions and leagues in Soccer Manager 2016 can update team squads as they change. Rather than waiting for the next iteration to be able to play with updated squads, Soccer Manager 2016 will adapt its squads after every transfer window.

You can view the trailer for the new game here.